Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Vuoden 1998 kesällä tyttärelläni ilmeni pahoinvointia, heikotusta, päässä painetta ja kipua. Mikään ei tuntunut auttavan oireisiin. Kävimme kahden perhelääkärin, kiropraktikon, neurologin ja infektiolääkärin vastaanotolla. Kukaan ei osannut sanoa mikä oireet aiheuttaa. Hänelle tehtiin aivojen tietokonetomografia, magneettitutkimus ja selkäydinpunktio. Mitään ei löytynyt.

Kahden kuukauden kuluttua hänen vointinsa oli parantunut huomattavasti (ilman hoitoja) ja hän halusi takaisin opiskelemaan. Jonkin ajan kuluttua oireet palasivat voimakkaina takaisin. Tällä kerralla olimme onnekkaita ja löysimme infektiolääkärin joka kuunteli huolellisesti tyttäreni lukuisat oireet (noin 15 erilaista oiretta). Sen jälkeen hän kertoi epäilevänsä oireiden aiheuttajaksi borreliabakteeria. Testit osoittivat tyttärelläni olevan borrelioosin. Hoito: suonensisäinen keftriaksoni (Rocephalin) 7 viikkoa. Tyttäreni terveys parani dramaattisesti. Muutaman viikon kuluttua oireet palasivat ja hän pyysi saada antibiootteja uudelleen. Aloitettiin uusi iv keftriaksoni 14 vk. Oireet hävisivät, mutta tällä kerralla eivät kokonaan. Hänellä oli edelleen kipuja ja kovaa väsymystä. Samoihin aikoihin kuulimme lähellämme asuvasta miehestä joka oli parantanut itsensä ja perheensä sähkömagneettisella laitteella.

Koska meillä ei ollut mitään menetettävänä menimme tapaamaan Peteä. Olimme epäileväisiä hänen kertomuksensa suhteen, koska emme olleet aiemmin kuulleet kenekään käyttäneen sähkömagneettisia laitteita taudin hoidossa. Pete antoi meidän käyttää konettaan muutamia kertoja, nähdäksemme miten se vaikuttaisi tyttäreemme. Tyttäreni sai voimakkaita oireita jo hoidon aikana esim. vasemmalle puolelle kehoaan (heikentynyt borrelioosin aikana). Hoidon jälkeen tyttäreni oli erittäin sairas muutaman päivän ajan, mutta voi sen jälkeen paremmin.

Sen jälkeen päätimme rakentaa oman Rife-laitteen Peten avulla. Tyttäreni käytti Peten laitetta kahden viikon välein kuukausien ajan. Hän käytti vain muutamia frekvenssejä - niistä 1633 oli hänelle tehokkain. Tyttäreni kävi Rife-hoitojen lisäksi luontaishoitoihin erikoistuneen lääkärin luona immuunijärjestelmää vahvistavia hoitoja saamassa. Viimeisen kahden vuoden aikana tyttäreni on tullut koko ajan parempaan kuntoon. Aika ajoin hän on tuntenut oireiden palaavan, esim. kipuja käsissä ja/tai jaloissa. Silloin hän ottaa Rife-hoidot varmuuden vuoksi.

Nyt tyttäreni voi hyvin. Hän meni naimisiin ja sai terveen lapsen. Borrelioosi on pysynyt poissa ja toivommekin, että Rife-hoito on tuhonnut suurimman osan borreliabakteereista. Olemme kuitenkin oppineet tuntemaan borrelioosia riittävästi ja tiedämme että oireet voivat palata vuosienkin kuluttua. Emme koskaan saa tietää varmuudella mikä tytärtämme auttoi - ehkä antibiootit tappoivat suuren osan bakteereista ja Rife laite tuhosi ne bakteerit jotka olivat piiloutuneina.

MY DAUGHTER AND LYME DISEASEMy daughter decided to go to college in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in part because she had been raised in the Northwest and wanted to experience living in a sunnier climate. She made many friends from all over the country at her small liberal arts college, and for Easter weekend of her freshman year (1998), she accompanied a friend and his family on a camping trip to the Tyler, Texas area. She felt as if she had the flu a couple of weeks later, but the school nurse told her a lot of students had a respiratory flu. She came home to the Seattle area for the summer in late May and began working her summer job, but suddenly in mid-June she felt nauseated one day at work and very weak. By the next day an excruciating pain and pressure began to occur at what she called the base of her skull, and nothing we gave her or did seemed to alleviate it. After visits to two family practice doctors, a chiropractor, a neurologist, an infectious disease doctor and two trips to the emergency room when the pain was unbearable, no one could diagnose the problem. She had CAT scans, an MRI and finally a lumbar puncture and at one point was given a steroid, but nothing definitive was evident, but at least we were ruling out such things as cancer, MS, a brain tumor and meningitis.

After nearly 2 months of being sick, she began to improve and begged to return to school, where she felt OK but never 100% and caught colds all the time. By late February of her sophomore year, all of her symptoms suddenly returned with a vengeance, and we spent the next month going to doctors and having tests in Santa Fe this time. We were very fortunate to find an infectious disease doctor there who listened carefully to all of my daughter?s 15 or so symptoms (see addendum) and then told us she suspected Lyme disease but would run a myriad of tests before making her diagnosis. She sent her blood work to Igenex Lab in California but also sent blood and other body fluids to various parts of the country. In the meantime, she gave me a book for us to read about Lyme disease, which convinced my daughter that it was necessary to move home if she were facing the fight against Lyme. Once the results came back from Igenex, her doctor told us it did look as if she had Lyme disease because she had five significant bands that were positive. She began to treat my daughter with oral antibiotics including doxycycline since she had a national practice and could prescribe medications out of state, but eventually we had to find a local infectious disease doctor when it became time to put her on IV antibiotics.

My daughter?s symptoms improved dramatically during the first few weeks she was on Ceftriaxone, so her doctor took her off the (central line) IV at 7 weeks. Unfortunately, a few weeks later she begged to go back on the IV because she felt so sick again, so the second time she was on the same medication for 14 weeks, and her symptoms again improved, but she knew she didn?t feel great and still had random pains and a lot of fatigue. Just about the time she was due to come off the IV, we heard from two different friends about a man named Pete who lived near us and had cured himself and his family of Lyme. Deciding we had nothing to lose, we met with Pete and were amazed if not a bit skeptical at his story because we had never heard anything about using electromagnetic fields in medicine. Pete let us use his machine a few times to see if my daughter experienced any reactions to it, and she immediately felt a "starburst sensation" in her midriff and during a later treatment in her left arm (her entire left side had been weakened from the Lyme disease), and she would feel very sick for a few days after a treatment but then would feel much better.

With Pete?s generous help and encouragement, I found the components necessary to build our own machine as well as two more for a Lyme victim in Arizona who wanted one for herself and one for some sufferers in Ohio. My daughter continued to use Pete?s machine every two weeks for the next few months but only worked with a few frequencies that seemed to be the most beneficial for her (1633 was the best). She also met with a naturopathic doctor that helped her build up her immune system and used his Vega machine a few times, which always made her feel very good afterwards for a few days. Gradually she has gotten stronger and has only had a few times the past two years when she feels as if some of the Lyme symptoms are returning, usually just a few pains in her arms or legs. We have used our "Pete" machine when that occurs and will keep it forever "just in case."

My daughter got married and had a normal pregnancy the past year and now has a healthy baby boy. So far her Lyme has not reared its ugly head, so we are hopeful that Pete?s machine worked its magic and was successful in ridding her body of most of the bacteria. We have learned enough about Lyme, however, to realize that it could flare up many years from now. We will never know for sure what helped my daughter the most, but we like to think the antibiotics killed most of the bacteria and that the "Pete" machine found the ones that were hiding.

~ Chris


I found a list of the symptoms that my daughter and I wrote down for her doctor in Santa Fe before we had ever even heard anything about Lyme. It is interesting to see how many of them are typical of Lyme disease.

1. Head pain/pressure at base of skull (not always constant)

2. Stiffness in neck.

3. Surreal feeling (comes in waves and goes into a zone-like state and head feels extremely heavy ? almost unable to hold it up).

4. Muscle fatigue in arms/shoulders.

5. Grainy vision with some areas of vision seeming lighter or more vivid than others

6. Waves of feeling the need to shake or shudder all over body

7. Hot flashes

8. Acne (not normal skin for patien)

9. Sharp pains randomly throughout body, in hands and arms

10. Itching all over at times (feels like bugs crawling all over)

11. Anger outbursts

12. Nausea

13. "Blub-blub" feeling in midriff (turned out to be spleen)

As she got worse, she developed weakness on her entire left side and had several instances of very sharp pains in her heart that lasted up to 10 minutes at a time.

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