CBS: Borrelioosiaktivisti palkittiin!

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CBS: Borrelioosiaktivisti palkittiin!

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Phyllis Mervine sain Jefferson palkinnon työstään Borrelioositietouden levittämisessä. Hän on jo vuosikymmenten ajan kouluttanut lääkäreitä ja sairastuneita punkkien levittämien tautien vaaroista.

Mervine muutti perheineen maalle 1970-luvulla. Pian sen jälkeen hän alkoi voida huonosti. "Tuntui kuin olisin jäänyt junan alle. Olin äärettömän väsynyt ja kivulias." Hän kärsi oireistaan kymmenen vuoden ajan. Naapurin kehoituksesta hän kävi borrelioositesteissä. Testitulos oli hänen kohdallaan positiivinen. Pian hän ymmärsi ettei ollut yksin. Mervine sai apua antibiooteista mutta ei ole parantunut kokonaan. ... e-disease/

Jefferson Award Winner Leads Battle Against Lyme Disease

February 16, 2011 7:53 PM
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Jefferson Award winner Phyllis Mervine hunts for ticks carrying Lyme disease. (CBS)

Jefferson Award winner Phyllis Mervine hunts for ticks carrying Lyme disease. (CBS)

MENDOCINO COUNTY (CBS 5) ? A bite from a tick carrying Lyme disease can have life-altering consequences. For this week?s Jefferson Award winner, it pushed her to help others with the infection.

Phyllis Mervine has spent decades educating and supporting both doctors and patients about the dangers of tick-borne illnesses.

Mervine and her family moved to an 80-acre ranch in rural Mendocino County in the 1970s. It wasn?t long before she started feeling sick.

?I just started feeling run down and extremely tired and achy,? Mervine, a lover of the outdoors, said.

For ten years Mervine lived with debilitating symptoms before she took the advice of a neighbor to get tested for the newly discovered bacterial infection carried by ticks called Lyme disease.

?She saw me draggin? in week after week and said ?Phyllis, you ought to get tested.?? Mervine said.

Mervine tested positive and she quickly realized she was not alone.

?I called all the neighbors and said, ?I?ve just been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Do you know anything about it??? Mervine recalled. ??Do you have Lyme disease? or ?do you have any of these symptoms.? Quite a few had Lyme up here.?

That was the start of a twenty year journey that made Mervine one of the pioneers in fighting Lyme disease in California. Her ranch soon became ground zero for a community study, collecting ticks and helping identify the diseases they carry.

Lyme-infected ticks have been documented in 42 California counties ? and with numbers like those, Mervine saw a need. In 1989 she founded CALDA, the California Lyme Disease Association.

?It was desperately needed because it?s a chronic disease and nobody was treating it, except a couple of doctors,? Mervine said.

Thanks to Mervine, CALDA created support groups plus a website with information and resources. The group provides grants to doctors researching tick-borne illnesses, which can be crippling if not diagnosed early.

?This is not just somebody with a swollen knee or somebody who has a headache, this is draining our country,? author and friend Suzanne Fratus said.

Fratus is writing a book about Lyme disease and credited Mervine for improving patient care.

?She?s educated doctors. She?s gone to Congress, to the NIH. She put out the newsletter. She started patient support groups. She?s been involved in everything,? said Fratus.

And while Mervine?s own battle with the disease was helped by antibiotics, she said she?s not cured, and much work remains to be done to protect future generations.

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Claire Werner

Awesome to see this! My sister-in-law in Sonoma County was diagnosed with this last year after suffering 10 years and being diagnosed with ?MS?, ?parkinson?s?, ?Fibro myalgia? etc. before they finally realized it was lyme and several other tick born organisms. She is now undergoing antibiotic therapy AS ARE HER CHILDREN (!) who obtained it either intrauterine or through her breast milk. Most MD?s won?t even do the extensive testing it takes to diagnose those who have had this a long time. I hope this problem gets a lot more notice as there are probably so many folks being misdiagnosed and hence not cured.

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