Cynthia 57v

Voiko Borrelioosiin/lisäinfektioihin kuolla?

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Cynthia 57v

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Cynthia sai todennäköisimmin borreliatartunnan eläintarhasta. Virhediagnooseja kertyi lukuisia ennen kuin borreliatartunta +lisäinfektioina babesioosi ja ehrlichioosi löytyivät. Suonensisäisten antibioottihoitojen jälkeen hän pystyi jälleen kävelemään. Cynthia kuoli 57-vuoden iässä. ... =144752955
Cynthia Tolles Tseng Passed away at her home in Palo Alto on Wednesday, August 11 at the age of 57 after a protracted illness from Lyme disease. Cindy was born November 18, 1952 in Los Angeles, California to Martha and Edwin LeRoy "Roy" Tolles, and was their only daughter out of six children. Cindy graduated from San Marino High School in 1970, and earned a B.A. in history in 1974 from U.C. Berkeley, where she was a member of Alpha Phi. She then graduated from UCSF School of Nursing, where she conducted ophthalmology research and practiced nursing for 10 years. At UCSF, Cindy met her future husband, Dr. Alexander Tseng Jr., an oncologist, who passed away four years ago from brain cancer.

Cindy will be deeply missed by her loving family, who benefited so much from her kindness, generosity and gentleness, and her ability to understand and communicate with others. She is survived by her three outstanding children whom she loved so very much. They are all graduates of Palo Alto schools, Michael, a fourth year medical student at UCSF, Jocelyn, an entering medical student at UCSF, and Peter, an entering freshman at Stanford. She is also survived by her mother, Martha Gregory Tolles, who cared for Cindy with consummate dedication and grace; her late husband's parents Martha and Alex Tseng Sr.; brother Stephen Tolles and his children Heather, Natalie and Chris; brother Edwin "Roy" Tolles and his wife Carol Menz and their children Nate and Amelia; brother Thomas Tolles and his wife Kristen and their children Andrew, Kiki and Claire. Memorial services will be held at 2 pm on Friday, August 20th at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, 950 Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to UCSF School of Nursing online at or by mail to UCSF Foundation, Box 0248, San Francisco, CA 94143 or by phone at (877) 499-8273 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (877) 499-8273 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Arrangements entrusted to Roller Hapgood & Tinney Funeral Home.
Published in San Francisco Chronicle on August 17, 2010

She contract Lyme after being bitten by something at an evening soiree at the St. Louis Zoo. She almost died of the flu-liked symptoms after this incident, then spent two decades with a number of misdiagnoses, including CSF and Post-Polio Syndrome.

I was the one who encouraged her to test for Lyme, and she tested positive for the tick trifecta of Lyme, babesia, and ehrlichiosis. After IV antibiotics, she made a miraculous recovery, finally out of a wheelchair, but of course, it was hard to recover after being that sick for that long and watching her oncologist husband die of the same aggressive brain cancer that he studied as a grad student.

Two of her kids are now in Med School, so I'm betting that one or all will end up researching the link between microbes, chronic disease, and cancer.

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