44-vuotias australialainen mies

Voiko Borrelioosiin/lisäinfektioihin kuolla?

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44-vuotias australialainen mies

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Australialaiset terveysviranomaiset eivät ole myöntäneet Borrelioosia esiintyvän heidän maassaan. 44-vuotias Karl McManus kuoli tautiin. Punkki puri häntä filmausmatkalla kesällä. Ruumiinavauksessa bakteeria oli maksassa, munuaisissa, sydämessä ja keuhkoissa. Näytteet lähetettiin vielä Sydneyyn ja USA:han lisätutkimuksiin.

_Class Action Launched Over Lyme Disease That Australian Health
Authorities Pretend Doesn't Exist_
(http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/news. ... 1#newspost)
Brisbane Times

A SYDNEY woman will launch a class action against New South Wales health
authorities after autopsy results showed her husband was riddled with a
disease the Health Department says does not exist in Australia. The results
from Karl McManus, 44 - who died in July after being bitten by a tick while filming the television show Home and Away in northern Sydney - indicate he had bacteria from Lyme disease in his liver, heart, kidney and lungs. Tissue
samples will now be sent to the University of Sydney and to laboratories in
the US for more testing. ''If there is duplication of results, the
government cannot dispute that Lyme exists in Australia,'' his wife, Mualla Akinci, said. Ms Akinci has already garnered support from two other sufferers and
hopes more people join the class action. She also plans to sue Hornsby
Hospital, where her husband spent several weeks before his death, and will appeal a decision by the Health Care Complaints Commission not to investigate
his treatment there.
Kate Benson, Brisbane Times

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