Video: Miljonäärin borrelioosikokemuksia

Borrelioosista ja lisäinfektioista kuten puutiaisaivokuumeesta kertovia artikkeleita ja ohjelmia TV:ssä, radiossa ja lehdistössä.

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Video: Miljonäärin borrelioosikokemuksia

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VIDEO: John Caudwell kertoo borrelioosista. ... e-disease/

Billionaire John Caudwell reveals the shocking state
of national awareness among doctors and the public of Lyme disease after all five of his close family members have been tested and diagnosed with the condition, after many years of ill health.

As anyone that has followed Dr Klinghardts research will already know there are many conditions that go either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed that are caused by Lyme disease.

This is the video of his interview on Good Morning TV where he calls for a programme of awareness for doctors and for the NHS to routinely test for Lyme disease when any patient presents with symptoms of chronic fatigue, ME or other unexplained chronic conditions.

This video is a must watch for anyone interested in the health of themselves or their family.

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