Borrelioosista ja lisäinfektioista kuten puutiaisaivokuumeesta kertovia artikkeleita ja ohjelmia TV:ssä, radiossa ja lehdistössä.

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ABC2 News esittelee sivuillaan mm. osan borrelioosielokuvasta. Ohjelmassa painotetaan tiedon merkitystä taudista.

Tutkimuksista ja tuhansista potilastapauksista huolimatta lääkäri Gary Wormser väittää edelleenkin että kroonista borrelioosia ei ole olemassa.

Lisa DesBoine-Murray sairasti erilaisia oireita 15 vuoden ajan ennen kuin borrelioosi diagnosoitiin. Lisan pojalla oli juuri punkki jalassa. Hän saa parhaillaan antibiootteja. Punkista tutkitaan oliko siinä borreliabakteereja. Lisan 15 vuotias tytär vaipui jokin aika sitten koomaan. Hänellä on sekä viruksen aiheuttama aivotulehdus että borrelioosi.

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Lyme Disease
Reported by: Kelly Swoope
Last Update: 5/20 10:13 am

Unable to are the faces of Lyme disease. The documentary ?Under Our Skin,? will likely leave an impression, on your mind.

"It's a feeling of like being trapped within your you can't move anything."

From stories like Mandy Hughes who's battled Lyme for 10 others who've waited at least that or longer to be diagnosed.

Lisa DesBoine-Murray of Columbia also shares her story in the 2003 she was diagnosed with Lyme after 15 years of symptoms.

Lisa is on six different medications....while her quality of life has with Lyme she says is still a struggle.

"It can rob you of your job. It can rob you of your family, just as life as you know it just because we're not educated."
Through personal journeys the documentary aims to educate people about chronic Lyme disease and the controversy.

Lisa lives in fear of Lyme......just last week...they pulled this tick from her son Jamal. He got antibiotics. She'll have it tested to see if it carries the disease.

Her 15 year old daughter Taraja recently slipped into a coma. She suffered from viral meningitis and encephalitis, and also tested positive for Lyme.

"I don't want her to have to go through this. No parent should ever have to watch their child go through this. When the education and information is out there."

"Some have said it?s the most under diagnosed and over diagnosed illness there is."

GBMC Infectious diseases expert Dr. Charles Haile says Lyme is a fascinating disease.

"It is a disease that I would curable, meaning the bacteria can be gotten rid of, but a rare patient will continue to have symptoms, and those patients need special attention."

"The worst part is knowing that you are not a normal person."

Under our skin takes a close look at the medical divide when it comes to Lyme.

The Infectious Diseases Society of America claims chronic Lyme disease doesn't exist.

"It completely ignores a worldwide body of literature which is in contradiction to what they are saying."

"We are not gonna ignore good science, but the science isn't there."

"I shared my story. I hope that along with everyone else, if the word gets out there people will pay more attention to when they're outside, to do a tick check, to share it with their kids."

Shedding light on a disease that has left many with dark days.

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