Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Yhden henkilön kertomus borrelioosihoidosta (Lymenetistä) Sanoviv-klinikalla. Hän oli ollut ennen klinikalle menoa 2 1/2 vuotta antibiooteilla. Oireet jatkuivat hoidosta huolimatta (fatiikki, pääoireet, kova kipu vas. hartianseudussa). Klinikalla hoitona oli mm. toksiinien poisto-ohjelmia, huuhteluja, kylpyjä, homeopaattisia valmisteita, vitamiineja, hivenaineita jne.

Hi Everyone!

I have just returned from four and a half weeks at the Sanoviv Medical Institute on the Baja coast in Mexico.. www.sanoviv.com

I have had lyme disease since January, 2001. I was on antibiotics for 2 ½ years. I continued to suffer from fatigue, foggy head and excruciating pain in my left shoulder blade.

While searching on the web for an intergrative hospital, I came across Sanoviv. Sanoviv is just how it looks and sounds on its website. I found the doctors to be highly skilled and caring.

I underwent extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation during the first 3 days.

The therapy which was designed for me was basically focused on detoxifying my body and boosting my immune system.. My treatments consisted of the following:

Detox diet
High doses of Vitamin C, EDTA (chelation therapy) DMSO, IV Glutathione and ,
bio-immunological therapy
Multi vitamins and minerals
Specific supplements
Injectable homeopathic-isopathic remedies
Oral antibiotics
Hyperbaric chamber
Special enemas
Psycho-spiritual program (meditation, visualization and relaxation)
Complete spa

My amalgams were removed improperly over the last ten years and I was full of heavy metal toxins.

I had with me xrays of my spine which I?d had taken in November while I was in New Zealand. The Dr. who had previously read these xrays said that my spine showed no abnormalities. I decided that I would show my doctor at Sanoviv these xrays as I was nearing the end of my stay and felt a whole lot better but still was having constant pain in my shoulder blade.

They ordered an MRI and noticed important spondilolistesis of C5 over C6, disc protrusion of C6-C7, chronic degenerative disease in T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8.

I felt very confident with the Orthopedic and Neurosurgeon assigned to my case and underwent the procedure of a fusion of C5-C6, application of Casper plate and left iliac bone graft placement.

I was out of bed and walking the following morning after the 5 hour surgery.

I am now back home wearing a super neck brace. I will start physiotherapy soon .

I am truly grateful for having found Sanoviv on the Web and for being able to go and be treated by their fantastic staff.

I thought that I would like to share my experience with all of you on Lymenet. I am very hopeful that the quality of my life will be much improved once my spine has healed.

I am sending all my healing thoughts your way.


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