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Liittynyt: Ma Tammi 26, 2009 23:13


Viesti Kirjoittaja Bb » Ti Tammi 27, 2009 19:31

Hi folks,

I haven't been on this forum for many weeks, and feel badly about that. I always said that when I got better I would hang around here in case I could help others. But healthy living has a way of preoccupying you with other things -- such as the birth of my new daughter last week!

That's really a miracle to me. A year and a half ago, we couldn't have even thought about trying to have another baby. I was so sick that I was barely functioning as a father, and I feared I might never be well enough to risk having a child again.

Today, I'm almost back to my old self. I still have constant ringing in my ears, and probably will always have (my ENT says permanent nerve damage). But I have said goodbye to about 25 other bizarre symptoms.

I was on abx for 10 months (amoxy, doxy, flagyl, levaquin, and 10 weeks of IV rocephin), after being infected for about 3 months pre-treatment. I now have been off all abx for 9 months and am continuing to see improvements -- now to the point that I feel normal virtually all of the time.

The progress has been agonizingly slow, and there were countless days that I thought there WAS no progress, or that I was going backwards. I really have to look back many months to see the signs of the progress. Even after quitting abx, the improvement was almost imperceptibly gradual. But now, it is very clear.

I hope my experience can provide some encouragement for folks in the trenches of this terrible battle. Yes, I was very lucky to catch it soon enough that my recovery could happen within the span of a couple of years. I know others have much longer and more courageous battles ahead of them. But I'm convinced it's a battle worth fighting, and that hope is real and that victory is possible.

Please hang in there, everybody! The journey is long, but well worth it. I'm flooded with gratitude to be holding my new baby daughter. She's a testament to the rewards of the battle.

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