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The abx got me out of a really bad place for sure, but it did not do more then half the job at best.

People want to know so:

Augmentin 10 days, First after I told the duck I had Lyme, 40 days of doxy 200mg per day. Helped at first, but then did little. Then another ducky gave me Rocephin, told me 28 days would cure any Lyme! after 12 days I had a bad reaction to it and quit.

Then a LLMD, minocycline, 300mg per day for a couple of weeks, did not like it, switched to doxy at 400mg, stayed on that for a while, and it helped a lot. then I bumped it up to 500+ mg per day, time frame is a little fuzzy, 4-5 months on Doxy.

Then back to a little minocycline, never did much for me. I also took a little Flagyl, no herx at all. Then a little more doxy.

Total time on abx to some extent, about 9.5 months.But on and off at first and the last couple of months.

Well all along I did a lot of other things.

Many supplements, vitamins, herbs, I tried many things, but stuck with a base group of stuff.. Exercise has played a key roll in wellness.
As soon as I could I walked. It hurt bad at first. Out of breath fast, really sore legs, no fun, but I kept at it, but then I got a really sore ankle.

SO, cut out much of the exercise and tried to let the ankle get better. It would not on its own. I gave up waiting and started working out. Again sore, sore muscles, but stay with it if you can.

Now I go to a gym every day a can. I am lifting some weights, and do cardio 30+ minutes, at least every other day. The exercise is finishing off the Lyme.
I am sweating the last of it off. My ankle is almost better. The pressure in my head is almost all gone.

Then the food thing. I dont and never did go for a low canb diet. I knoe what all the docs say, I dont buy into it.

Your body need food to heal, not just protein, but all foods. Whole foods, fresh friuts and veggies, and protein also. Balance, variety, and moderation. Eat what ever you want, just take a lot of probiotics.

Then the attitude thing. You must stay positive, to get well. Watch funny movies, try to stay off the what if thoughts! Read Norman Cousin book, anatomy of a illness.

Well, enough preaching for tonight. Just trying to shed a little light on what worked for me. Its been a long road, I now many of you have had longer times with it, but there is always hope! I will post more on supplements if anyone is intersted.

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes! No time to proof read!

Viestit: 1820
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Taustaa edelliselle menestystarinalle

Anyway, just a few more thoughts and a few answers to questions? I had Lyme and bartonella, after 4 w blotts got a positive1

I had Lyme untreated for at least one year!
It could have been much more?

I had a bite and rash, but the ducks, quack quack, said no lyme! 10 months later I crashed and burned quickly. I had some odd symptoms for a few years before that bite. Also. I work outside throughout Connecticut, even in Lyme on a few occasions. I have worked outside for 20+ years, in high grass often times, in shorts when warm and never did I use and bug spray.

I still will not use any, Deet is worse then people thing, it gets into your skin, and is toxic!

When I became ill it was fast a multisystemic.
I had like a flu, temp, sore throat, and sore muscles, headach from hell and a stiff neck. Hurt everywhere, sore and tired.

Then the neuro stuff took over. Vision loss, memory loss, tingling, jaw problems, the list is long, anyway the duck were sure I was fine. How could their blood work be wrong?

Doxy saved my butt, kicked the neuro stuff, but I still was not well.

I am sure to get over Lyme, after more then a few weeks in you, it takes a effort most MDs will never understand!

Diet, supplements, vitamins, herbs, attitude, and had all my amalgams(mercury fillings)removed and did a homeopathic detox for metals, and exercise are all needed. Without one link the Lyme will rule.

I have no way of knowing what helped the most, but I am sure everything worked together.

If people are interested I will list what I am supplementing with now. I have ols posts that show what I had been on a while ago, but I dont know the dates.

A few more words for now, diet is a very debatable subject! I am sure, sure as the light of day if you eliminate too many foods you will never be well. I dont call twickies food. But, I always ate a lot of fruit, any and all veggies, whole grain breads, and not too much protein. A extra high protein diet for a few wekks or months, maybe, for years, you will not get well.

Balance, variety, and moderation. I eat meat, not every day, but at least 3 or so times a week. I stay away from red meat. Try to eat whole foods as much as possible.

I quit coffee, I drink a little green tea every morning. I now drink a glass of red wine every day, did not during abx!

I work out every day. I now am able to lift weights, and do cardio for long periods of times. Last July I could hardly walk up stairs.

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