Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Viesti Kirjoittaja Bb » Ti Tammi 27, 2009 19:16

Joillakin borrelioosia sairastavilla on todettu Parkinsonin taudin oireisto. Lymenetissä yksi henkilö kertoi omaisensa selvinneen taudista huomattavasti parempaan kuntoon (pyörätuolista käveleväksi) toksiinien poisto-ohjelman avulla. Tässä hänen kertomuksensa:

....every Lyme/Parkinson patient I have met there is a metal and dental factor that plays a role, as well as other environmental toxins. I have met practically every Lyme/Parkinsonism patient my doctor has treated over the last few years, and every one not only had Lyme, but was heavy metal toxic and showed dental infections in the jawbone due to metals and Lyme entering not only the jaw area, but also the brain. As with most Lyme patients, again the ones I have personal contact with through my doctor, parasites is a major factor and cannot be ignored. Viruses and parasites invade/multiply/try to take over when the immune system is impaired.

There is no mention of metal/environmental toxicity in the report here.

My husband has both -- Lyme/Parkinsonism and dental and metals are involved. He finally had two oral surgeries to remove every bit of the metal and dental infections. The endotoxins are now leaving jawbone and brain and the rest of the body (even down to the feet!); the metals are leaving, and from practically wheelchair he is now able to move around very nicely and all Parkinson symptoms are diminishing or gone. He still has a way to go because he lost every bit of muscle tissue and a lot of weight when he suffered a fractured back because of falling.

I do not think my husband would have survived this ordeal if he had not been treated for heavy metals from the very first day he was showing Parkinson symptoms and if he had tried to hold on any longer to teeth that were crowned, bridged and were with the onset of Lyme deteriorating too fast.

He feels good. He looks great as he is gradually building up muscles in water/pool therapy, etc.

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