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Tässä jälleen yhden borrelioosia sairastavan tarina Lymenetistä:

Dear Bryan,

I am hoping that you add this story to your webpage. I am a 27 year old neurological lyme patient absent any other manifestations. I began treatment ( found the cause of illness) nine months into being sick. Do NOT get me wrong, I honestly believe that my antibiotic therapy definately got my foot out of the gutter. Within the first month of antibiotic therapy; however, I found out about rife machines. Being short on cash, I ordereed the rife machine. For being a severely impaired and disabled lyme patient, I bounced back very quickly. It never impressed upon me that my rife machine had been the reason I quickly became better, and NOT the antibiotics... until....

In October my grandmother died. Having this loss was not only heartbreaking, but also left me in the position of having to cook family meals for holidays as only my home is big enough. In order to make room for my family though, I had to rearrange my home for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. I was feeling so good, I had no problem tearing down my computer and stereo which housed my rife machine. I packed my rife machine away, kept my antibiotics out and went about my business. By the time Thanksgiving came, I was a wreck. My LLMD switched abx on me in a hopes to bring me back to where I was holding steady at. It didn't work. I backslid terribly from Novemver of 2003 until February of 2004.

In February of 2004, I decided I might as well "kiss it all goodbye". I couldn't think, I had migraines again, vertigo, fatigue, you name it- it was all back. In an effort to try to "cure myself", I went on a wild hunt for some paper research I had packed away during my home rearranging that dealt with persistent lyme symptoms. In the box I was looking in, I pulled out my itty bitty rife wrist straps. My mind started to reel. Was THAT the reason I felt like crud, because I had packed away my rife never really assuming it had contributed to my success in the first place? People do tend to get a tad bit cocky when they feel better, its their own right. Well, I unfortunately got too cocky and packed away a very important part of my recovery, unbeknownst to me.

I began using my rife machine again at the end of February 2004. I am now "BACK". I won't forget the day I pulled it out of the box and me and my friend starred at it blanky and said to each other "you think"? "nah... well maybe..."?

Well, the nahs are now YEAHS! The missing rife was the reason for the return of a myraid of symptoms. For anyone that dislikes rife, or doesn't believe in it, to each your own. Let alone the people that do use this therapy. There is absolutely nothing a naysayer CAN say that will make me give up my rife. Hey, I WANTED my life back and I GOT IT. If you want to do a "rife machine raid" and break into my home with shotguns pointing, then that MAY make me hand over my rife machine. Until then, I'm handing over nothing- except my wrists, for when I strap on that rife, herx, improve and live yet again. I kind of enjoy living and if that mean high or hell water, rife or the theory that eating frog urine would help me, then Im DOING IT.

Rife WORKS, period. I vaguely understand how, I somewhat understand why, but until the day someone can prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that changing my Qtip brand is what brought me back to life and not the rife, thats just tough and I will continue my rife journey.

To each his own, I own a rife. Let me alone.



I am not selling anything. Just sharing what we are doing over here in the rife community. Come get started: ... stings.htm


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