Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Brandon sairastui borrelioosiin vuonna 2006 mökkireissulla veljensä kanssa. Loman aikana kumpikin poisti itsestään lukuisia punkkeja. Palattuaan kotiin hän löysi itsestään kuitenkin vielä yhden punkin. Kahden vuorokauden kuluttua hän sai nuhaoireita, kylmä/kuuma-aaltoja, lämpöilyä, pahoinvointia, ruoansulatuskanavaoireita ja 2 ihomuutosta.

Brandon kävi useilla erikoislääkäreillä esim. urologi, kardiologi, gastrologi jne. Hänelle tehtiin lukuisia testejä, mm. borrelioositesti Elisa + immunoblotti Western blot + Quest. Kaikki testit olivat negatiivisia. Hänelle suoritettiin lisäksi lukuisia röntgentutkimuksia ja tähystyksiä.

Hän sai useita virhediagnooseja, esim. Chronin tauti, poskiontelotulehdus jne. "Epäilin ongelmieni johtuvan punkinpuremista mutta olin niin naiivi, että uskoin testituloksiin. Aloin kuitenkin etsiä tietoa ja huomasin että lähes kaikki oireeni sopivat borrelioosiin. Lääkärini ei ollut halukas kirjoittamaan antibiootteja koska testit olivat negatiiviset. Lopulta borrelioosiin erikoistunut lääkäri teki diagnoosin kliinisin perustein ja aloitti yhdistelmäantibioottihoidot. Olen tullut vuoden aikana huomattavasti parempaan kuntoon. En käytä enää antibiootteja - mietin miten jatkaa tästä eteenpäin."

MY story:

On Memorial weekend 2006 my brother and I went on a trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan, where he owns a summer home and property that is heavily wooded, & lots of tall grass. After about an hour hike we returned to the cabin to settle down for the night. As we started to unpack our belongings he said to me he felt something crawling on his back. As he removed his shirt I pulled a tiny tick from his back. Within seconds I started to notice the same crawling sensations on my body. I quickly stripped down to nothing and was surprised to discover over twenty ticks; many the nymph size crawling all over my body. I started pulling them off using my fingers & nails until they were all removed. We continued to enjoy the outdoors and perfect weather the rest of the weekend, and continued to remove ticks as well the entire trip.

The day we returned from the trip, it was late in the evening I was tired from the long drive so I went to bed for some much needed sleep. The next morning while in the shower I noticed a welt on my buttox. After rubbing and scratching at it a while I was surprised to remove yet another tick. I flicked it down the drain and finished my shower (I wish I could take this moment in time back). Within the next forty eight hours I came down with what I thought at the time was the flu. Early symptoms were slightly higher body temperature, severe nausea, hot & cold flashes, GI issues, & rashes one on my buttox, & one on my back. At this point I was naive & was not even considering my exposure with ticks as the cause of my illness.

To make a long story shorter, for the next year I visited my PCP, and four other specialists including a urologist, cardio, gastro, & ID doctors as my symptoms multiplied. I had buckets of blood tested including several ELISA, & Western blots. I showed negative for everything from cancer, to HIV, and Lyme. I showed seronegative on two different Lyme teir tests (QUEST). I had two CT scans, one MRI with, & without contrast, and many x-rays. I also had upper & lower GI tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, & many other procedures I can't remember or pronounce. I was misdiagnosed with a sinus infection, ulcers, TMJ, IBS, & Crohn's disease. I was starting to believe my tick exposure was the reason for my illness, however since the test were all comming back negative, I was naive in the belief that the test were accurate.

In my desperate search for answers I googled Lyme disease symptoms & found a list. I was surprised I had nearly all the male symptoms on the list. However since I showed sero-negative for Lyme, my PCP was unwilling to prescribe any antibiotics. I joined a Lyme forum where I met someone in my area that referred me to her Lyme literate doctor. On my first appointment with him he clinicly diagnosed me with chronic Lyme disease. It had been nearly fourteen months since being infected and was in an advanced stage. He started me on 1000mg of Erythromycin, 1000mg of Flagyl, & 200mg of Doxy a day. I later added 500mg of Levequin a day to treat Bartonella. Although I have greatly improved over a years time on ABX, I have stoped all treatments as I try to evaluate where to go from here.

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