Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Leslie Wermers (7.7.1967 - 2.11.2008) menehtyi borrelioosin aiheuttamiin komplikaatioihin.

Leslie kertoi jokin aika sitten oman tarinansa videolla Youtubessa:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVsfGvZt ... 29&index=1 .

"Borrelioosiin sairastuminen on merkinnyt 'hidasta kuolemaa'".

Videolla hän kertoo haluavansa kertoa tarinansa jotta borrelioosi tulee tunnetuksi. Hän haluaa auttaa muita sairastuneita jotta muut saisivat diagnoosin ajoissa.

Leslien sairaus diagnosoitiin 10 vuoden ajan virheellisesti muiksi sairauksiksi kuten lymfooma, syringomyelia jne. Hän oli ennen sairastumistaan erittäin aktiivinen, mutta kertoo menettäneensä elämänsä borrelioosin vuoksi. Hän oli aiemmin erittäin aktiivinen mutta tauti on tehnyt jokapäiväisestä elämästä selviytymistaistelun. Borrelioosi ei useimmiten näy ulospäin ja siksi ihmisten on vaikea uskoa että borrelioosiin sairastuneet ovat usein vakavasti sairaita."

Toinen video Lesliestä:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjvBMtzv ... 29&index=0

Leslie puhuu borrelioosiin kuolleen muistotilaisuudessa:

"Olen vihainen koska ei ole ketään joka auttaisi minua. Olen vihainen, koska taudista ei välitetä. Olen vihainen siitä tosiasiasta että lääkärit joiden olisi tullut hoitaa minua, eivät välittäneet minusta vaan väittivät oireideni olevan mielikuvituksen tuotetta."

Ps. Sivulta löytyy muistakin borrelioosivideoita.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjvBMtz- ... 29&index=0
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Lesliestä kerrotaan myös esim. Underourskin.com sivuilla. "Leslie toimi aktiivisesti, antoi rakkauttaan ja tukeaan auttaessaan muita borrelioosiin sairastuneita."

Leslie otti aikoinaan yhteyttä "Under Our Skin" -elokuvan tuottajaan Andyyn useita vuosia sitten, kun elokuvaa alettiin valmistella. Hän kertoi Andylle ettei hänellä ollut mitään halua elää, koska hän oli niin sairas eikä hän ollut saanut apua. Nähtyään borrelioosielokuvan trailerin hänen elämänsä muuttui. Hän sai filmistä uutta elämäniloa ja alkoi toimia aktiivisesti elokuvan hyväksi.

Leslie ja hänen borrelioosia sairastava sisarensa Tracie lähettivät Andylle mm. kuvan itsestään: "Ajattelimme Tracien kanssa, että tämä kuva auttaa sinua jaksamaan saattamaan elokuvaprojektin loppuun. Elokuvan joka pelastaa lukuisien ihmisten hengen."


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Lyme community loses a hero and friend

November 05th, 2008 | Category: Celebrities, Patient Stories
Posted by: Andy

Leslie Rae Wermers, 7/7/1967 - 11/2/2008

The Lyme community has lost an important hero and friend?and so did I. Leslie Wermers, 41, died in her sleep on November 2nd from complications of Lyme disease. Leslie was a tireless worker on behalf of the Minnesota and national Lyme communities and a dear friend to so many. She gave everything she had to help others who were sick, and everything she had was an abundant reserve of love and support?even as her own health waned.

The first time I heard from Leslie was in an email several years ago during production of UNDER OUR SKIN. She said that watching the film trailer changed her life:

?You see, Andy, I had no will to live. I was so sick, with no answers and just wanted it to end. That was until I saw the trailer. You have given me so much joy?.Your documentary saved my life.?

Since then, Leslie became our greatest film fan and an undying activist. I finally met her at the Iowa Lyme memorial which we covered for our film. Though she herself drove for four hours to be there, she gave our crew a hero?s welcome. Here are some video excerpts from our interview with Leslie. Her words are chilling and prophetic.

And here is Leslie as she appears in an excerpt from UNDER OUR SKIN.

Later, Leslie and her sister Tracie (who also has Lyme and worked with Leslie on behalf of Lyme sufferers) sent us a picture of their take on the film?s widely-used graphic of Mandy in the pool. Leslie wrote: ?Tracie and I thought that this photo represents our passion to continue to help you finish this project, that will save so many lives.?

Leslie?s sense of humor and gusto were legendary. Over the next few years hers was a familiar voice in our office?calling regularly to tell us how much she appreciated our work, how we were her ?angels,? and how much she ?loved? us. But her love didn?t stop here. It was extended to so many people nationwide who were sick and struggling with Lyme. Leslie and Tracie started the support group Minnesota Lymefighters Advocacy. Suffering from Lyme induced insomnia, she had late-night conversations with people across the country?many of whom she had never met?offering them words of encouragement, hope and affection. It is a testament to her profound affect on so many and the devastating emptiness she leaves that so many have been moved by her passing, never having even met her.

Leslie?s death leaves a deep hole in my heart and in so many others. Her indomitable spirit and passion for life were equaled only by her anger at the injustices wrought by Lyme ignorance and her dedication to help heal. May this be a lesson?and Leslie?s legacy?for all of us.

Andy Abrahams Wilson

Leslie?s Obituary
Leslie Rae Wermers Remembered on YouTube

3 Comments so far

Eileen McInerney November 5th, 2008 9:29 pm

My condolences to Tracie on losing her sister and to the rest of their family. We?ve lost another great person to this horrible disease.

Andy, thanks for helping to try and stop the madness going on in mainstream medicine. And madness can = murder.

Dawn Irons, Editor PHA November 6th, 2008 12:14 am

My heart goes out to you-?

I remember all the encouraging letters and photos you and Leslie would send telling to keep up the work with the PHA and that it was helping get the word out?especially on the days I wondered if it was helping at all? your notes would show up just when I needed the encouragement the most.

I am heart-sick for your personal loss and the loss to the whole Lyme community? Leslie was such a vibrant FIGHTER and an inspiration for us all?

She had such spirit about her!

There is a huge hole in the heart of the Lyme world over this loss. Please know we are mourning with you and keeping you close in our prayers as you grieve.

We love you Tracie!!


Mandy Hughes November 6th, 2008 1:04 am

I thank God for people like Leslie?I was fortunate to know her and to be able to call her my friend. We spoke nearly every other day?she was a wonderful person who always made me laugh and I miss her dearly?

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