Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Tri Edward McNeil kuoli borrelioosin ja babesioosin aiheuttamaan infektioon keskiviikkona heinäkuun 11. 2007. Hän oli erikoistunut kirurgiaan ja toimi mm. ensiavussa. Hän toimi borrelioositiedon levittäjänä ja auttoi useita sairastuneita. Hän toimi myös WilderNetworkin varapuheenjohtajana. WilderNetwork toimii borrelioositietouden levittäjänä ja tukee sairastuneita kansainvälisesti. Hän on kirjoittanut mm. artikkelin taudinaiheuttajien kyvystä aiheuttaa psyykkisiä sairauksia, muistiongelmia jne.

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In loving memory of Dr. Edward McNeil ... e&sid=1088
Obituariesr writes "
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Lexington, KY USA
(Source WILDER Network)

Dr. Edward McNeil, age 81

It is with deep sorrow that I write this to you; as I have lost one of the best friends I've ever had. Dr. Edward L. McNeil, known to his friends as "Dr. Ted" or "Teddy", lost his battle against Borrelia (Lyme disease) and Babesia infections on the afternoon of Wednesday July 11, 2007.

To know him was to love him; that's my perspective. And when you read these few amazing things about him, know that they're only a very few of the many, and see why it's so easy to love him and why this unique man will be so sorely missed.

I remember the day I met him, he was entertaining everyone with his songs and lymrics. He had many close friends in "the Lyme community", and those who knew him and those he touched, will find this a sad time indeed.

Read the article by Dr. Ted "Personality, Pathogens and Parasites" ... le&sid=374

Learn more about Dr. Ted visit his web site:

Learn more about Dr Ted's extensive medical career here:

He was clever, quick and entertaining with his lymrics and rhymes and songs. He adored his son and three daughters. And had a great love of horses and of the arts. He loved to sculpt wood and made beautiful carvings of ballerinas and lovers among others. He was multi-instrumental and loved to play the bagpipes and other instruments and was on an album called (I think it was...), "In the Limelight".

Before he got too sick, we'd chat most days... and if you have one, you know how good it is to have a friend who understands because they're fabulous and so sick at the same time; they've been just where you're going and help you get through; never fatigued of friendship, always themselves and never having to apologise for it! Never guilty or obliged... Always uplifted... with a story or a "silly" or a song. And he had a big laugh; I'd call him just to hear it. And a sparkling, infectious smile you'd travel three thousand miles to see.

But that was his "Teddy-bear side", he also had a much more serious side; after all he was a doctor. And not just a regular old family doctor, but an incredible emergency room doctor, an airborne emergency doctor, and a surgeon in England and New York! He wrote the text, "Airborne Care of the Ill and Injured", which is based on his experiences of multiple international medical air rescues and was the first medical text of its kind.

Dr. Ted also conceived of a safe form of basic life support or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which is quite popular in Japan and the far East and catching on in Western Medicine as an alternative to the "Heimlich Maneuver" for choking and drowning; I liked to call it the "Teddy Technique". A great lover of flying, at age fourteen he got his glider license and at sixteen Teddy, "saviour of the western world", was in training for the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy. He enjoyed flying for many years and he also enjoyed being on the water; many of his friends will remember how he liked to sign some of his notes, "the ancient mariner".

Dr. Ted was a philanthropic volunteer; a humanitarian. Throughout his life he was a volunteer at the Bedford VFD, a member of the Advisory Committee to the Microbiology Department of Bowen Research and Training Institute in Florida, Medical Advisor for the American Red Cross, Honorary Medical Officer for the Bedford Police Department and he was involved in starting the first ever Neighbourhood Watch system for Bedford Village, he was advisor to many Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Medical Director of Corporate Angels Network, Medical Director of World Aid, Medical Advisor to Flying Doctors of Africa, and a member of the Aviation Safety Committee for Aerospace Medical Association, among various other volunteer activities.

In lieu of flowers:

Teddy would be pleased if you'd keep and enjoy any flowers intended for him, as well as a wee nip of your favorite spirit in a toast to his memory.

Dr. Ted believed that every human needs to be aware of the dangers of the tick-borne diseases because not only is diagnosis often delayed and no treatment recommended if you're not cured on the first try, but also there are no services available for those who continue to suffer symptoms.

Dr. Ted was an advocate and volunteer for sufferers of the tick-borne diseases, often helping children get to the doctor. Dr. Ted co-founded and was vice-president of WILDER Network, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering awareness of tick-borne diseases on an international level, as well as offering support for individual sufferers. Please carry on advocacy and volunteer efforts in his memory. Support WILDER Network, Dr. Ted's favorite non-profit or yours; volunteer, spread the word.

Laureen Leigh
WILDER Network, Inc.

To learn more about Dr. Ted please visit his web site:

Learn more about Dr Ted's extensive medical career here:

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