Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Roylla on borrelioosi ja diagnooseina mm. munuaiskivet, kihti, reuma jne. Hänellä oli toistuvia voimakkaita kipukohtauksia eri puolilla elimistöä mm. leukanivelissä. Lääketieteen hoidot eivät tuottaneet tulosta, esim. kortisoni, metotreksaatti, antibiootti jne. Polvinivelet leikattiin ja edessä oli nivelten vaihto.

Hän alkoi käyttää MSM:ää (rikkivalmiste) suurina annoksina. Hän aloitti muutamasta teelusikallisesta ja nosti annostuksen vähitellen kahdeksaan teelusikalliseen. Kolmannen viikon lopulla hänen vointinsa alkoi parantua. Muutaman kerran hän lopetti valmisteen käytön hetkeksi, koska sai voimakkaan päänsäryn. Hänestä se oli merkki borreliabakteerin tuhoutumisesta. Kun särky helpotti, hän jatkoi hoitoa. Nyt hoidon aloituksesta on kulunut noin vuosi ja hän pystyy kävelemään ilman ongelmia, hänellä ei ole kipuja nivelissä eikä hän ole saanut yhtään munuaiskivikohtausta vuoteen.

I've been thinking of writing about my own situation for some time. I call myself "Lyme Free", but I really don't think I will ever be truly free of Borreliosis. As a Biologist I know that there is a difference between controlling something and eradicating it. However, after what I have been through these past several years I can say that I am virtually pain free.

I also believe like a lot of other Lymies that the disease causes a lot of different symptoms depending on who you are. This means of course it is hard to tell just which of my symptoms are actually caused by Borreliosis or something else. I can go back 20 years and see that this is when things really started getting "painful".

"So I say I've been diagnosed with kidney stones, gout, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Rheumatic Arthritis. The pain was so bad at times that every articulated joint in my body caused me severe pain (even my jaw). Believe me after passing 4 kidney stones I know what pain is.

I have tried many things all of which did not work. Although I have to admit that Prednisone did give me some relief. I was given Methotrexate for the RA, Prednisone for the PMR and I abstained from all things protein for the gout. Once I was tested and found to be infected with Borrelia my Doc gave me two different antibiotics at the same time and I was on them for over a year. That didn¹t work either.

At that point, after being retested and finding that the infection was now twice as bad, I was desperate. I could walk with the help of crutches, both knees had recently been operated on and that Orthopod said I would need a new set of knees before I hit 65. I¹m 60 now. Being a Research Biologist I turned to the literature that I had been reading. The one thing that kept coming back to me was that researchers that tried to grow Borrelia have to grow it in a sulfur free medium.

I decided to quit everything and go sulfur. The best source of sulfur I could find was Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Given the pain and position I was in, I felt it was kill or be killed. I started with a few teaspoons a day and gradually worked up to 8 teaspoons at the end of 2 weeks. By the end of the third week I felt significantly better, pain was substantially less. I had to cut back on the MSM several times due to headaches. This I took as a good sign that the sulfur was killing the Borrelia. The headaches went away as the toxins washed out of my system and I went back on MSM. Long story short, one year later I now walk without a limp (no crutches), none of my articulated joints hurt, I haven¹t passed a kidney stone lately (over a year) and I spend 25 minutes a day on my Concept II rowing machine. That¹s not pain free. I told my Doc 2 men of science couldn¹t do it, but God found a way to give me a miracle.

I don't know if it will work for anyone else.

Good luck
Roy ... ay&jid=898

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