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Silvian Gurandan oireet alkoivat vuonna 1998 (2000). Oireet: epätavallisia ja kivuliaita tuntemuksia iholla esim. sähköiskumaista kipua, polttelua, puutumista käsissä ja jaloissa ja pistelyä, nivel-, jänne-, lihas-, pää- ja kylkiluukipua, kuumeilua, näköongelmia, kipua hampaiden juurissa, masennus, ahdistus, keskittymisongelmia, unihäiriöitä, kantapääkipua, akillesjännekipua, fatiikki, punaisia täpliä iholla, painonnousu, vuonna 2004 psyykkisiä ongelmia enenevässä määrin + päänsärkyä ja näköhäiriöitä, esim. kaksoiskuvia. Vuonna 2005 paino laski 3 kuukauden aikana 15 kiloa, hengenahdistusta, univaikeuksia, selkärankakipuja, lisääntyvässä määrin nivelkipuja. Syyskuussa 2005 dg: fibromyalgia. Myöhemmin sydänongelmia; rytmihäiriöitä. Vasta huhtikuussa 2006 dg: borrelioosi.


Silvian Guranda - Here is a list of my symptoms: Skin (the most unpleasant and excruciating since they are ongoing): Unusual and painful sensations in the skin such as: pains like glass scratching my skin (electric shocks-like sensations). Pricks and pinches (sometimes like little needles of a cactus, sometimes like a bee bite) - they worsen a lot during the last two weeks, expanded on almost all of my skin. Itching (like ants moving on my skin) - I feel I need to scratch - they also expanded and worsen. Burning (local or sometimes like hot waves expanding in my skin, from down to up of my body - legs to back or chest). Pain deep in the skin (in the nerves of the skin?) when I do a massage of my skin or when I catch my skin with one hand - it seems to me that the pains are in connection with some deep main nerve routes? Numbness especially in my foots and hands/arms, not very deep in the muscles, but mostly in the skin).

Joints, tendons, muscles, ribs: joint pains (mostly symmetric): shoulders, arms, hips, knees, foots, backbone (all over) - as the pain in my joints decreased, the skin painful sensations increased! - now the joint pains came back, but of a lower intensity. Pain in tendons (Achilles' tendon, neck tendons, arm and leg tendons) - the pain came back again. Pain in some muscles (especially along the dorsal-thoracic backbone). Head - pains in my head (especially on the left hemisphere) as if a knife in my brain - the pain moves sometimes in the right hemisphere and worsen, it is almost permanent.

Temperature - from 36.6 up to 37.2 Celsius (mostly in the evening). Sight problems - if I move suddenly my eyes to an object far from me, I have difficulties focussing (like a dizziness in my head). Teeth: violent pain in the nerves of my teeth (even in the teeth that have no nerves anymore!). Mental-emotional: depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, obsessions. (I followed antidepressant medication with Prozac for the last 2 months - I feel better now and would like to stop taking pills). Sleeping problems (now I feel better but there were months when I could only sleep a few hours 1-2-3 hours a night only if taking sleeping pills). While sleeping the painful sensations in my skin decrease! (most of the time) - it is still difficult to fall asleep.

1998(2000?)-2002 strong pain in the heels and Achilles tendons - when walking, the sensation that I walk on glass. Summer 2001-2002 (?) - red spot 8-10 cm (on the skin over liver area) - symptoms like poisoned, extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea, stiffness in my backbone. Next several weeks - red spots on arms, strong perspiration during the night; fatigues; stiffness of backbone. 2002-2003 - old symptoms continued. New symptoms: psychiatric disturbances - anxiety obsessions (no compulsions), phobias, panic attacks, depression, sleeping disturbances (insomnia - panic attacks while falling asleep)

Spring 2003 - new symptoms: sensitive problems (skin: burning, itching, pricks, smarts, numbness, etc.) Psychiatric disturbances increase dramatically - various (3) psychiatric treatments (for the next 3 years, till up to date) / I gained weight, first gained 18 kilos, then in total 22 kilos! Joint pain in hips and backbone + smarts in the backbone muscles. 2004 - same problems; psychiatric problems increase; sometimes severe headaches + visual problems (double sight, narrowing of the sight, perspiration, dizziness, fatigue).

Spring 2005 - I lost (as I intended) 15 kilos in 3.5 months. July 2005 - same problems - worsen; tingling on the left scapula. New: burning, intense perspiration, shortness of breath, sleeping disturbances, severe backbone pain (extending in all of the backbone). Late August 2005 - same problems - worsen. New: severe increasing pain in joints (simetrical): backbone, hip, arms, knees, etc. Sept-Oct 2005 - same problems - worsen; diagnosed with "FYBROMIALGIA" twice. Nov 2005 - symptoms worsen (pain in joints + psychiatric + insomnia 1-2-3 hours/night with sleeping pills), extreme fatigue, etc.

Dec 2005 - new: severe heart problems - tahicardia (90-140 beats/min) , oscilating blood pressure (11/6-18/11) - no organic heart problems. Mid Jan 2006 - pain in joints reduced dramatically, sleeping improves, BUT pain from left scapula spread all over my back. Feb 2006 - neurological problems increased. March-April - ELISA test for Borrelia bacteria - symptoms worsen! 20th of April - finally diagnosed with LYME

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