Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Chungan kertomus hoitokokeilusta B3 Rife -laitteella.

"Aloitimme hoidon toukokuussa (puoli vuotta sitten vuonna 2004). Käytimme alussa valmiiksi ohjelmoituja frekvenssejä noin minuutin ajan muutaman kerran viikossa. Myöhemmin käytimme yksittäisiä frekvenssejä pidemmän aikaa. Vaimoni tunsi hoidon aikana ja sen jälkeen pistelyä ja lihasten nykimistä. Toisinaan hän tunsi hoidon aikana terävän kivun esim. lapaluissa. Hänellä on ollut puutunut alue lapaluiden alueella. Hän sai myös nykimistä silmien alueelle. Mikäli hoitojen väli oli liian pitkä, silmien nykiminen alkoi uudelleen. Vähitellen huomasimme hänen kaulajäykkyytensä lievenevän.

Alussa käytimme yksinomaan B3-laitetta, mutta myöhemmin rakensin lisäksi Coil (Doug) -laitteen (coil = käämi). Laite aiheutti hyvin samankaltaisia oireita kuin B3-laitekin, mutta voimakkaampia. Vaimoni heräsi esim. keskellä yötä hiestä märkänä - sitä ei ollut tapahtunut aiemmin. Noin 4 kuukautta hoitojen aloittamisen jälkeen aloimme käyttää koneita harvemmin, noin kerran kahdessa viikossa. B3-laitetta vaimoni pystyy käyttämään ilman apua, mutta ei Doug-laitetta. Sään kylmetessä vaimoni oireet yleensä pahenevat, mutta nyt niin ei tapahtunut. Hänellä ei ole enää kipuja käsissä ja hän sanoi, ettei hänellä ole enää yhtään borrelioosioiretta. Hänellä on nykyään paljon energiaa ja hän jaksaa olla ylhäällä myöhään illalla ja nousee ylös varhain aamulla - ja pystyy jopa juomaan kaljaa."

"Chunga" a B3+amp and a coil device:

Basically, we started with the B3/Amp in May.

At first we were doing the pre-programmed Lyme groups at full power for 1 minute a couple of times a week.

Then, I programmed a few custom frequency lists from Bryan's site. We began to increase the session times also.

She would notice tingling sensations/muscle twitches during and after using the B3.

She would also occasionally feel what she described as a "sharp jab" in a particular spot in her shoulder blade while running the machine.

This numb spot on her shoulder is something we associated with the Lyme.

Another one of her symptoms that she could not deny was an involuntary eye twitch.

We observed that if we went too long between sessions, the eye-twitch would return.

Throughout the process we noticed gradual improvements in the range of motion in her neck.

Eventually, she made the statement "I haven't been able to move my neck like this in a long, long time."

I hate to keep asking her how she feels. It drives her crazy. So, I developed a bunch of "tricks" to gauge her health.

For example, I stand off to the side and ask her a question, if she turns her whole body to look at me, I know her neck is stiff, despite what she says.

(She knows how much I worry so she hides her pain.)

She stayed solely on the B3 while I was building the Coil machine which took me a few weeks to complete.

The Coil machine brought about very much the same tingling sensations, "jabs" in her shoulder, "crawling" sensations on her scalp, twitching muscles.

Only it was stronger.

She awoke in the middle of the night in a drenching sweat a few times. This had never occurred before.

I have not seen the eye-twitch in months even though we have lessoned the frequency of use.

For probably two months now, we have been using the machines less and less. The sensations she receives during and after are much harder to discern.

I would say we now do it once every two weeks.

The nice thing about the B3 is that she can operate it herself.

I have to set up the Coil machine for her.

It's been getting cold here in the north, and I noticed she was sitting at the counter flexing her hands a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask how she felt.

She said that she actually felt no pain in her hands at all, even though the weather was cold. She expected them to hurt but they did not.

She then told me that she was no longer able to feel "any Lyme symptoms at all".

Because she knows I pay such close attention to her health, and hinge on every twist and turn, I know she did not say this without careful consideration beforehand.

Her energy is very high, and she actually runs around without pain at all. She stays up late, gets up early. Drinks beer. Everything is good.

For a while I had her taking freeze dried garlic and a couple of weeks of Artemisin. Other than that, it's just vitamins.

I think it was helpful to back off all the questions about her health. I was pushing too hard and I think she actually felt pressure to hurry up and feel better.

Anyway, that's the story.

Chunga ... ssage/5015

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