Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Naisella todettiin borrelioosi v. 2005. Kiropraktikko ehdotti borreliatestien suorittamista jatkuvien niska-, hartia-, kyynärpää- ja pääkipujen sekä väsymyksen vuoksi. Hoito: ensin useita antibiootteja, joiden seurauksena olotila huononi niin ettei hän kyennyt enää kävelemään kunnolla. Tällä hetkellä hän käyttää luonnonmukaisia hoitoja: lääkeyrttejä; Samento, andrographis ja resveratrol, myrkkyjenpuhdistushoitoja, homeopatiaa.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (Western Blot) in February of 2005. I have no idea how long I have had the disease. I had PT for pain in an elbow a couple years before. The PT didn't help it. I have also had trouble with chiropractic adjustments holding for more then a few days in my neck. This has been a problem for many years. For a number of years I suffered from headaches that would last for 5 to 6 weeks where I was just about useless. I experienced weakness so often I couldn't feed myself.

Through blood tests it was found I was sensitive to certain foods. Once the foods were eliminated the headaches stopped. It was my chiropractor who suggested I be tested for Lyme. I have been living a fairly healthy life style for the past 6 years, eating a whole foods vegan diet, walking daily and strength training 3 times per week. That is until I started treatment with antibiotics. The strength training went first as the walking decreased and then also stopped. I changed antibiotics several times hoping to fool the bugs. Then my dr. started me on some herbal remedies in conjunction with the antibiotics: Samento, andrographis and resveratrol. I switched to cat's claw when the Samento ran out. Bad choice. My liver enzymes went up, ss my dr. took me off everything except my other supplements.

We were hoping I no longer had active Lyme - time would tell which it did in about 1 month. The symptoms came on with a vengeance. Before this he had me make an appointment with a holistic body therapist who has had good luck treating Lyme. With the onset of new symptoms he wanted to start me on IV antibiotics. Fortunately I saw the body person before the pic line could be scheduled. I asked if we could wait on the IV treatment to see how the bodywork would go.

Using muscle testing and various therapeutic touch modalities my immune system was strengthened so I could handle the homeopathy. That's where I'm at right now. I have 3 more homeopathy treatments to finish out this course. It's been an ordeal with symptoms re-appearing, but we are hoping one round might do it. The body person has yet to eradicate Lyme with one round of homeopathic treatment though. Meanwhile, my dr. has started me on mercury and parasite detox with dehydrated garlic, chlorella and cilantro tincture. I love garlic, but I can hardly stand my own smell at this point! I've noticed I have to be careful how much cilantro I take. It pulls the mercury out of my system, and if I try to do it too fast I get terrible headaches. I see my body person in two weeks, and I'm looking forward to what she finds and has to say.

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