Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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San franciscolainen nainen oireili vuosien ajan. Viimein hänellä todettiin borrelioosi. Hoito: antibiootteja 2 vuoden ajan. Sen jälkeen erilaisia vaihtoehtoisia hoitoja. Dieetti on hänen mielestään tärkein hoitomuoto. Dieetin tulee vähentää tulehdusprosesseja; esim. Zone-dieetti (vihanneksia, hedelmiä). Hän sai myös suuren avun paastosta. Muita hoitoja: infrapunalämmöllä toimiva sauna, jumppa, erilaiset yrtit ja lisäravinteet (lista löytyy artikkelista).

A woman I used to work with in San Francisco has Lyme. I was able to sit down and interview her last week and learn what worked for her.

She has had Lyme for, she suspects, a long time. I asked her how on earth she discovered it, and she said that she had been seeing a homeopath for a couple of years for unremitting hip pain and other things and when she wasn't responding to treatment, the homeopath said to her, "You have Lyme, and the reason I know is because *I* have Lyme".

At first she didn't believe it, but then she got tested and sure enough. I should also mention that although her symptoms were fairly severe, she was still able to keep her job but she did miss a lot of days.

As of today, she is completely and totally symptom-free. She is able to drink a glass of wine if she wants, and is actually in Hawaii right now with her family, diving, swimming, and surfing. She says she is 100 percent, 100 PERCENT (!!!) better. She just stopped abx 2 months ago after having been on them for over 2 years. She was also getting abx shots 2x week.

She said that she still has to watch what she eats, though, and of course be vigilant, but yes, she is even healthier than she was befor she got sick, she says.

The main thing she said that was so important was eating an anti-inflammatory diet. She prefers the Zone (what has been working amazingly for me is doing a Leptin-balancing program and incorporating tons of anti-inflammatory vegetables and fruits. Yes, i said fruits lol. More on that when I am done with my Cymbalta withdrawal hell. Anyway, back to the topic....)

She said that the quickest way to slow healing progress is to eat anything unhealthy, inflammation-causing, etc. Diet is key, and not just anti-candida.
Fasting: She also said that what really "kick-started" her healing was doing a medical fast. This was encouraging to me because I had some success with Lyme and fasting in the past but I felt like none of the fasts I tried were quite right. She has given me some info on the one she did and I am going to contact them and find out more and will pass along info.

FIR (Far Infrared saunas) - She said this was hugely important and effective, so much so that she bought a unit and her husband and she use it regularly. She said this really did help speed up detox and healing.

Bodywork: She recommends bodywork that focuses on chronic disease and removing the mucous/gunky deposits in the muscles and connective tissue that Lyme causes. I am guessing this is sort of a lymphatic drainage combined with direct muscle detox stimulation. She said she was doing this once a week and it was invaluable to her. I am going to see her person and will find out more.

She also spoke very highly of Dr. Zhangs herbs, which I was tangentially aware of through this site and other posts. She said these are pretty much the only ones she uses and they are great. I will list her suplements below.


Daily Amnt Brand
3 B Complete (b complex and antioxidant) Montiff
4 B12 2000 mg 1
5 Biotin 5000mg 2 Allergy Research6 CoEnzyme Q10 100mg 2 Vital Nutrients
7 DHEA 15mg 1
8 DHEA 25mg 1
9 Esterol (vit C/calcium) 657mg/75mg 3 Allergy Research
10 Formula 14 Enzyme Supplement 1 every other day
11 Glucosamine/Chondroitin 1.5/1.2g 3 Whole Foods
12 Lipoic Acid/Taurine 300mg/500 mg 1 Designs for Health
13 Liver, Organic Glandular 500mg 1 Allergy Research
14 Minerals Plus 1 TBS Bio Max
15 Natren's Trio (Probiotic) 1 Whole Foods
16 Sam-e Extra Strength 400mg 2 Whole Foods
17 St John's Wort 540 mg 1
18 Tocotrienols (Vit E) 100 iu 1 Allergy Research
19 Ultimate Omegas (Vit E) 1400 iu 3 Nordic/Whole Foods
20 Vitamins (liquid) 1 TBS Bio Max

She also said that rife was too invasive and negatively stimulating to the system for Lyme (her opinion) and often did more harm than good. She also said that Samento didn't do much for her, in fact most all other herbs I mentioned she said just didn't do the trick.

I will post more info as I get it. Hope this might help some.

Cheers to everyone,

Alison (Lymenet)

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