Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Jack käytti erilaisia antibiootteja + vaihtoehtoisia hoitoja yli kahden vuoden ajan. Nyt Jack on ollut oireeton yli vuoden eikä ole tänä aikana käyttänyt antibiootteja.

Oireet alkoivat v. 2001: "aivosumu", fatiikki,hengenahdistus, päänsärky, rytmihäiriöt.

Vasta-ainetestit negatiiviset.

Hoito: Alussa 2 vk Doksisykliiniä, LLMD nosti Doksin määrää + lisäsi metronidazolen 750 mg 3 viikkoa + lisäravinteita ja yrttilääkkeitä. Näitä lääkkeitä 6 vk, sen jälkeen amoksisilliinia 2 kk. Oireet palasivat kun hoito lopetettiin. Amoksisilliini jatkui vielä 4 kk jonka jälkeen se ei enää tehonnut. Ab vaihdettiin takaisin doksisykliiniin, jota Jack käytti seuraavat 16 kk. Aina kun hän yritti lopettaa antibioottien käytön, oireet palasivat.

Tässä vaiheessa lääkäri alkoi epäillä ettei Jackillä ole enää borrelioosia. Jack vaihtoi toiselle LLMD-lääkärille. Tämä alkoi hoitaa häntä ainoastaan antibiooteilla ja probiooteilla. Hän sai yhdistelmähoitona 400 mg Cedaxia, Zithromaxia 250 mg, doksisykliiniä 200 mg/pv ja joka kuukausi viikon ajan metronidazolea (kystamuotoisiin bakteereihin).

Tätä yhdistelmää hän käytti 4 kk, jonka jälkeen hän käytti sitä pulssimaisesti; 1 viikko antibiootteja, 1 viikko ilman. Silloin kun hän ei käyttänyt antibiootteja, hän otti Samentoa (kissankynsi) 600 mg x 2, Betaglucania ja Pygnogenolia 75 mg x 2 yhdessä aloe veran kanssa. Hän jatkoi antibioottien jälkeen yrttilääkkeiden ottoa vielä muutaman kuukauden ajan.

Jackin mielestä antibiootteja ja lääkäriä tulee vaihtaa tarpeen mukaan. Ei ole järkevää palata käyttämään samoja antibiootteja mikäli oireet palaavat hoidon päätyttyä.

"Came down with neurological symptoms in May of 2001. Main symptoms were heavy brain fog and chronic fatigue. Later on I developed periods of shortness of breath; rapid, pounding heartbeat; and a throbbing headache. My primary care physician suspected lyme, even though my blood tests were and always have been negative, and put me on 2 weeks of doxy. I do not recall a tick bite although I spend a lot of time walking in the woods.

Logged on to lymenet and found a llmd. I went to him for almost two years. He initially increased my dosage of doxy, and had me do a three week round of Flagyl(750 mg per day), and also put me on his own herbal concoction of medicine which is essentially a modification of the Zhang protocol among other things. Even some of the products he sold me had the Zhang label on them. In addition he also had me do rounds of mgn3, transfer factor, olive leaf extract, and a lot of other natural stuff. He has a vitamin shop in his office.

Looking back I realized I was herxing on the doxy but after six weeks, he switched me to Amoxy due to my report that I still wasn?t feeling very well. After one week on the Amoxy my symptoms cleared up. I?m not sure if they cleared up because the herxing stopped or because of the Amoxy or maybe it was a combination of both .

Anyway, I continued on the Amoxy for two months and felt pretty good. I tried stopping the drug but relapsed after 10 days so I immediately got right back on it. I continued to take the natural stuff during this time but it seemed to have no effect one way or another. After another 4 months , the Amoxy just stopped working for me. He switched me back to doxy. The doxy worked pretty well over the next 16 months. I tried discontinuing the drug twice during that period but each time I relapsed- I was able to go 19 days and 7 days during those trial stoppages before I had to get back on the antibiotic.

At this point my first llmd began to suspect that I didn?t have lyme anymore and maybe these symptoms were just in my head or something else. He didn?t actually cut off antibiotics but would make statements like ?You?ve had a lot of antibiotics.? and other hints so I made an appointment with another llmd. This llmd treated me with antibiotics only. He didn?t recommend or prescribe any natural stuff except acidophilus - God bless him. He put me on a combo of 400 mg cedax and 250 mg Zithromax once per day after dinner. In addition I continued with the 200 mg doxy per day and a one-week round of Flagyl per month which I still had left over from my first llmd. I continued to feel well on this new combination. In fact I had always responded well to antibiotics and hadn?t been sick for more than a few days since I started treatment, except in the beginning. The problem was I was unable to discontinue the darn things.

I did this combination for 4 straight months and for the two months after that I pulsed this combo using the protocol of one-week-on, one-week-off.

On the weeks off I took the following:

1 capsule of Samento (600 mg) - twice a day
2 capsules (750 mg) Immutol (Beta Glucan) - twice a day
1 capsule PYCNOGENOL (75 mg) with 1 ounce of aloe vera juice - twice a day

Of all the herbal stuff I tried , and I tried just about all of them, I found these to be the most effective .

I purchased the Samento from http://www.herbalremedies.com/ ; the Immutol from http://www.immunocorp.com/ ; and the PYCNOGENOL from http://www.vitaminlab.com/ .

The Probiotics I use is called Flora Source which I purchase from: http://www.goldenhealthproducts.com/. It?s important to get a good brand IMO because I believe that 75% of the stuff you find at health food stores is dead and worthless. I mix the Flora Source in soy Yogurt and still eat it every day.

Anyway , I haven?t relapsed since, knock-on-wood and it?s been over a year since I have had any antibiotics. I am completely recovered in every way and even able to enjoy a few glasses of wine without a bad reaction that I used to get during my treatment. I?m not mad at my first llmd and would recommend him highly. He claims that he has an 80% success rate and I have no reason to disbelieve him.

I continued with the herbal protocol for two months . Then for another three months after that , I did two out of three each day (i.e. Samento-Immutol or Samento-Pycnogenol or Immutol ? Pycnogenol). I no longer take any of these but I have continued with the Flora Source to this day.

Even though I was on antibiotics for almost 2 and a half years, I do not have any yeast problems. I feel my breakfast might have something to do with this which consists of 4 ounces of soy yogurt with one capsule Flora source mixed in. A couple of ounces of aloe vera gel. 1 tablespoon of flax powder. 1 tablespoon of Dr Schulze?s Superfood, or 1 tablespoon of brewer?s yeast. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or two tablespoons of tahini butter. Blueberries, papaya, and ½ apple. I?ve pretty much eaten the same breakfast for two years.

Looking back, I should have dropped my first llmd after a year. The rule of thumb is that one should be symptom-free for two months before attempting to quit antibiotics. I had done this several times yet still relapsed. I should have added in the Zithromax-Cedax combo after the second relapse. If you just go back to the same drugs at the same strength, you?re just going to relapse again. It?s important to be more aggressive IMO. On the other hand, maybe it just takes a long time for some people. Who knows, every case is different."


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