Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Äiti ja poika sairastuivat vuonna 2002 borrelioosiin + mykoplasma, bartonella ja babesioosi (äidillä). He olivat antibioottihoidoilla 2 vuotta + tavalliset lisäravinteet (Burrascanon ohjeet). Hoidot auttoivat huomattavasti. He jatkoivat hoitoaan itsehoitomenetelmillä; myrkkyjenpoisto-ohjelmat, huonot hiilihydraatit pois, runsaasti vettä, fyysistä harjoittelua, probiootteja jne. Molemmat ovat tulleet päivä päivältä parempaan kuntoon. Poika ei vielä kykene opiskelemaan koulussa koko päivää, mutta tilanne on nyt selvästi parempi, sillä vuosi sitten hän ei kyennyt opiskelemaan tuntia pidempään.

"My son and I were both diagnosed in 2002, and both had significant Lyme encephilitis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and I also had Babesiosis.

We were with two top LLMD's and had heavy abx for the first two years including IV. With that we took the 'usual' supplements as per Doc B's Guidelines.

That did get us out of the hole we were in absolutely but did not make us well, and also created other issues.

I agree that it would be much more difficult to get well if it were on abx alone.

Detox is essential, as is treatment for intestinal parasites, many treatments over the long term..organ cleansing, change in diet, excercise..

and we have strictly and steadily utilized herbal and also food nutrient therapies.

We changed our water quality and each drink about a gallon a day, and eat nothing processed and no refined sugar or flour.

We drink REAL Kefir several times a day for probiotic and gut health. I've just started making my own Kombucha tea..so this is a new addition. I will post on both of these because I think Lyme patients could really benefit from them.

Everything we are doing is geared not only toward infection, but even moreso toward engaging and clearing the way for our own immune systems to work. A balance between the two approaches is necessary, IMO, because of what Oxygenbabe said.. Bb in particular has a whole slew of tricks up it's sleeve.. so I do think you need things that will be effective against the organisms, but it needs to be something that does not impede the immune system that much, or at least does not cripple it.

..and of paramaount importance is working diligently to keep eliminative organs working optimally throughout.

WHENEVER that is disfunctional we get sicker, lymph nodes swell, and symptoms worsen. This has been our experience over a long period of time.

Everything we are doing is utilized, committed to and assesed over a very loooooong period of time.. no expectations for quick results.

We are getting better all the time, tho still not close to 100%, my son still can't make a full day of school - but have been on a steady incline over the past year since starting the alternative therapies. One year ago he could not even handle more than an hour of tutoring. The gains however, feel very solid.

In retrospect, I would have worked harder to start alternative therapies sooner.

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