Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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6 vuotta sitten miehen terveys alkoi huonontua. Hänelle tuli eturauhasen tulehdus, keskittymishäiriöitä, nielemisvaikeuksia, muistiongelmia, kipuja ympäri kehoa, lihasten nykimistä, fatiikkia jne. Antibioottihoidot jatkuvat (useiden antibioottien yhdistelmähoito).

Just to give hope to some people struggling with LD.

My health deteriorated about 6 years ago. It started with prostatitis, ED, problems with swallowing and attention deficit. Nine months ago in January I was already dying. In the very last moment I had applied treatment with Questran that helped me meaningfully. The response was sufficient to convince myself and my doctor that I had LD indeed inspite of having negative tests for Lyme. I was in miserable shape and didn?t want to live. I had memory problems (one time I couldn?t find my way home), attention deficit (I couldn?t follow dialogs on TV- they were too fast for me), I experienced horrible constant pains of every part of my body (like in spread cancer), couldn't sleep, my body twitched and vibrated and I was always very tired and spent my days in bed. I haven?t seen anybody, cut off myself from all people I knew.

To make things worse, there was no LLMD in my province and I had no cash to travel. I was hit by the disease at the time when I was a full time university student so didn?t receive any financial help that I would if I worked at the time. My spouse got very angry and unsupportive about my sickness. She considered divorcing me when she had learned about my sickness. Finally she didn?t divorce me only because she new she would ave to pay me alimony. ID in my province refused me treatment with Rocephin as he knew better ways of spending public funds (his exact words) and my life would be to expensive to save. ('Great' Canadian Healthcare system in province of Saskatchewan, if anybody is interested - you feel the irony I hope, it is free but limited to typical and easy to treat cases).

Now the good things. I have received some help and good tips from some participants of this forum (thank you guys, you have literally saved my life). Also I did some library research and administered myself a treatment with help of my regular family physician (who was very sceptical at the beginning but turn out just fine later). Unexpectedly to me my dentist has become a real friend in need, he comforted me really well and gave me hopes; also he made for me a dental device for my sleep apnea free of charge (normal cost was $2500). My insurance has covered nicely all my drugs, even the fancy ones such as Tinidazol from a compounding pharmacy. Anyway, cost of my treatment so far is only ~ 7000 $ Canadian (my own cost about a $1000 + lost income for two years).

I have never used i.v. treatments, only orals. Today, I have just traces of symptoms: slightly oversensitive skin and Lyme 'carpal tunnel'. Every week I am a little better. Life is fun again. I walk, I run, I grill sausages. My mind is sharp again and close to what it was before sickness.

I feel that life offered me a second chance and I celebrate although I know that my treatment has to continue.


OK, I will describe it now but be advised that I am still under treatment and my outcome is promising but unknown. At first I reduced a load of Borrelia with Amoxicillin. I took increasing doses of Amoxicillin up to a dose of 27 g/ day. I took this abx for about 4 months and herxed terribly after each dose increase. For some time I have combined Amoxicillin with Tinidazol starting from a small dose of 250 mg and went up to 2.2 g per day.

Than in April developed serious Candida problem that almost killed me. Switched for a few months to vitamin C in mega doses and olive leaf capsules (and no ABX). Herxed after vitamin C. Treated successfully Candida with diet, Primal Defense Powder and Candida Stop. Started taking ABX again 6 weeks ago: 12 g of Amoxicillin, 800 mg Ketek, 1500 mg Tinidazol, 500 mg Plaquenil, and 6 g of vitamin C per each day. After 3 weeks of intensive herxing started improving quickly. Continued with Candida Stop and Primal defense powder to keep yeasts away (no need to keep diet with this combination once you achieve certain balance). I also have been taking Questran for the last 9 months to facilitate toxin removal but presently I take only one sachet every other day (initially used 3-4 sachets per day).

Contrary to Dr. Burrascano I think that a person should start with only one ABX, herx and improve. Later after achieving a meaningful improvement all forms of bacteria have to be attacked with ABX (spirochetes, L forms, cysts).

Many LLMDs (if not all) order just the opposite. They start with the full battery of ABX including i.v. counting for quick improvement and than they decrease doses and reduce number of ABX. Unfortunately, that way bacterium can survive treatment easier and a relapse is likely. I propose very intensive treatment at the end of the treatment, not at the beginning.

At present I take Amoxicillin to kill spirochetes and penetrate behind BBB; Ketek to kill L forms and weaken Borrelia living inside cells, Plaquenil to adjust pH of liposomes and accelerate action of Ketek, Tinidazol to attack cyst form and reduce mobility of spirochetes. I assume that vitamin C changes cell membranes in such a way that spirochetes cannot penetrate cells (have no proof for that but many people experienced Herxes and improvement after vitamin C and this mechanism seems to be plausible).

I am surprised that I have tolerated the complex treatment so well but none of the ABX is really toxic to me. Initially I had blurred vision after Plaquenil and Ketek but with time the problem is disappearing. Perhaps it was an eye herx.

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