Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Välillä onnistunut hoitotulos. Miehellä ollut borrelioosi + lisäinfektioita todennäköisesti 13 vuoden ajan. Mies tuli vuosi vuodelta sairaammaksi ja häneltä poistettiin mm. perna, joka oli selittämättömästä syystä suurentunut huomattavasti. Noin 1 1/2 vuotta sitten miehen tila oli erittäin huono. Hän on ollut erilaisilla ab- ym. hoidoilla; doksisykliini, azithromysiini, metronidazole, hepariini, opiaatit, rife, hormonihoito. Vasta kun hän alkoi saada kiniiniä ja klindamysiiniä, hän alkoi tulla nopeasti parempaan kuntoon.

Kiniiniä käytetään tunnetusti malarian hoitoon mutta myös babesian hoitoon, joten miehellä on todennäköisesti babesioosi borrelioosin lisäksi. Klindamysiiniä käytetään monenlaisiin bakteerien aiheuttamiin, usein vaikeisiin tulehduksiin mm. hengitysteissä, ihossa, vatsaontelossa tai muuallakin elimistössä.

Viimeisen 3 - 4 kk:n aikana mies on tullut lähes terveeksi. Hän ei käytä enää kipulääkkeitä, sillä kivut ovat lähes kokonaan poissa, hän on myös kyennyt palaamaan takaisin töihin.

"Hi all. I haven't posted much here as you can see, but I have been reading lyme net since the beginning of my husband's treatment. I just wanted to share a positive story for those of you that are running out of hope. Lord knows we have been there for way too long.

1 1/2 years ago I truly saw no end in sight. For over a year my husband has been fully disabled by lyme and/or coinfections. He had been getting sicker and sicker for a number of years before we figured it out. Before he was diagnosed his spleen was removed due to severe enlargment with no true explanation as to why. He believes he was infected about 13 years ago.

He has been on doxy, zithromax, biaxin, heparin injections, flagyl, opiates, a little bit of rife thrown in...who knows what else. He tried hormone therapy but it didn't feel right for him so he nixed it. The real turn around for him has been the latest combo that he is on- quinine and clindamycin rotated with quinine and biaxin. I guess that means that babesia was his main problem??

Let me tell you- his turn around has been unbelievable. In the past 3-4 months he has made an almost complete recovery. He's got a bit of joint pain, but it is bearable and he can deal with it no problem. He has gotten off of pain killers (he had gotten completely addicted to them), returned to work, works out for 1-2 hours per day, and is a completely functional member of the family. He actually wakes up in the morning and has a full day. He feels good!

I'm afraid that by saying it that I will jinx it all, but here husband is getting well!!

Of course we are so scared that he will backslide when he is done with the combo he is on. Our plan is to stay on it until he completely levels off and then do the housekeeping with rife. His dr. also follows up the quinine combo with rifampin and then iv rocephin. I don't know if we will go there or not.

Anyhow, I hope this gives someone out there a glimmer of hope.

Take care"

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