Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Lymenetissä käydään keskustelua mm. borrelioosin tarttumisesta äidiltä lapselle.

Seuraava kirjoittaja kertoo olevansa erittäin vihainen sillä lääkärit kertoivat 80-luvulla että hän on parantunut borrelioosista. Hän sai sen jälkeen kaksi lasta, joilla molemmilla on nyt borrelioosi. Molemmilla lapsilla on mm. oppimisvaikeuksia, nuoremmalla on lisäksi tulehduksia virtsateissä ja suolistossa.

"I was so angry to learn recently that I had lyme because I had been told by a top dr. in the '80s that I was cured. I then had two children and just found out they also have lyme. The are both ill and we are all at different drs. offices about 2-3 times a week.

My older son has gone from an A student to F's and is falling asleep in class. He crys everday at school and not one child in his class has any idea why he seems so different and doesn't have many friends.

My youngest son can't go onto Kindergarten because he can't even spell his name, doesn't know the alphabet and is not considered potty trained because he has so many problems due to his urinary/GI problems and has had a bladder infection since August.

We won't be able to see Dr. Jones until July!

The devastation of this disease has affected my whole life and family. I still feel blessed and feel that things could be worse, but I still feel has though we (lyme patients) endure an amount of suffering, confusion and pain that is difficult to put into perspective on some days.

I continue to pray and have always believed in a plan larger than my own, but please, the atrocities of the politics, ignorance, incompetence and negligence really gets to me on some days. I guess today is one of those days.

Just wanted to talk out loud, but I am very curious as to how many moms believe that they are in similar circumstance to our family. As time slips by I realize how much of a social life we have lost because of the time that we need to put into managing the fallout of the disease to our family. We have fewer and fewer people calling us...I think that because people don't know what to say and they kind of don't really want to deal with it either. It's too odd for them...they don't know how to act or what to say. I wish people (my old friends could just treat me like I am the same person....with a cane.)

I guess by hearing from other families, I might not feel so alone.

Thanks for listening. A friend in need.



Lapsi alkoi oireilla neljän vuoden iässä: oksentelua, Asperger, Tourette, ADHD ym. diagnooseja.

Hi Yes I feel that a child can get Lyme disease from their mother, my son is 10 years old , he has been diagnosis with so many problems ADHD ,Tourettes, Aspergers and more , when he was 4 we started to put him on many different medicines for these problems nothing worked, he got more aggressive, then he started getting seizure activities, and vomiting with this , we went to so many doctors , but one doctor who has it and knows about it , my son is still throwing up but does not have the seizure, my doctor himself has Lyme and his wife and his nurse and her husband, my son was on Doxycycline but it did not work ,now he is dealing with a lot of bacteria, so we need to get rid of this now, I had put him on a strong vitamin supplement that seem to help except for the seizure and vomiting, my doctor wanted me to take the blood test I came out positive, searching back to my years before I got pregnant I had a bad rash on my bottom, and now we think it was Lyme. we are still trying ot figure out the vomiting but wondering if it is the bacteria, not sure if it is from the medicines or the Lyme. But Lyme disease does cause seizures.My son has alot of behavior problems. Denise


Äiti epäilee sairastaneensa borrelioosia 37 vuotta; hänellä oli borrelioosi jo raskauden aikana ja lapset 18 v. ja 16 v. sairastavat molemmat borrelioosia.

My 18 yr. old daughter and my 16 yr.old son both have lyme, we believe that they got it from me. I had lyme when I was pregnant with them (I didn't know it), and I also breast fed them.

I have had lyme disease probably about 37 years. We just got diagnosed last year.

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