Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Andigail sairastui borrelioosiin kaksi kertaa. Ensimmäiset 14 vuotta oireet olivat lieviä, toisen tartunnan jälkeen oireet olivat voimakkaammat 4 vuoden ajan. Hän kirjoitti kokemuksistaan 2001 - 2002 jolloin hän oli ollut oireettomana ja ilman antibiootteja 7 kk. Antibiootit: 6kk zithromaxia + 6kk zithromaxia + metronidazolea ja antibioottikuurin lopussa kolestryramiinia. Hiivaongelmiin diflucan, vähähiilihydraattinen dieetti, maitohappobakteereita. Andigail voi tällä hetkellä hyvin ja käy töissä.

I'm a former Lymie (third stage) who suffered for over 14 years w/ mild Lyme and for 4 years with severe Lyme after being infected for a second time.

Just thought I'd drop by and say I've been off abx for 7 months and symptom free for much longer. I'm feeling great; I'm back working full time and getting my life back. I used to spend all my time between the bed and the computer and you all were my only grip on sanity. Thank You.

I always wondered if anyone ever got better and swore that when and IF I beat the disease I'd be back. Well, here I am! Hang in there, I've been where you are... I could not walk for 18 months and thought/was told I may die. You will get better. Keep listening to your LLMD's and know that there IS HOPE.

Our LLMD's are our lifeline. I owe my life to my Doctor. He told me he'd make me better if I just did what he said. Despite all the criticism we both took from mainstream medicine, he was right. I see Abx like a cancer patient sees chemo, a necessary evil. It makes us sick but will eventually save us. Keep taking your meds no matter how bad it gets... my only advice.

FYI, I had 6 months of Zith. Six months of Zith and Metronidazole and 2 years of Suprax and Metronidazole. Two, three month rounds of Cholestyramine toward the end of the abx. really made me feel better. The yeast was a pain (similar symptoms of Lyme) and I'm still on weekly Diflucan, acidophilus and a no carb/sweet diet but am working/exercising/living and getting better every day. Candida is nothing compared to Lyme. My only lasting affect is a right knee with crepitus, a body that I'm working to get back in shape(I've lost the 17 Lyme pounds) and making new relationships because most family & friends left me. The new ones are better.

A warm, gentle hug to all the hurting Lymies out there.

God Bless You,


Gainesville, FL.

First infected w/Bb in Florida, 1983. Second infection w/Bb in Mississippi, 1997.

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