Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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43-vuotias englantilainen nainen on aloittanut nälkälakon koska lääkärit ovat kieltäytyneet hoitamasta häntä. Nainen ei kykene kävelemään ja on sokeutumassa. ILADSin asiantuntijalääkärit epäilevät vahvasti naisen sairastavan borrelioosia. Terveydenhuollon edustajat pelästyivät kun asia tuli median tietoon ja suostuivat sen jälkeen tapaamaan naista, mutta eivät vieläkään taanneet hoitoa, joten nainen päätti jatkaa nälkälakkoa.

Englannissa borrelioosin hoitokriteereinä käytetään ns. "A. STEEREN leiriin" kuuluvien tutkijoiden ja lääkäreiden näkemyksiä borrelioosin diagnosoinnista ja hoidosta. Heidän mukaansa lyhyet antibioottihoidot ovat riittäviä vaikka potilaan oireet jatkuisivatkin. Heidän mukaansa vain heidän kriteeriensä mukaan tehdyt/tulkitut testitulokset ovat hyväksyttäviä hoidosta päätettäessä.

Rouva Jenningsin luokse on lähetetty sosiaalityöntekijä, joka uhkaa viedä äidin 13-vuotiaan tyttären sijaiskotiin ja rouvan psykiatriseen hoitoon! Median kautta tätä tarinaa levitetään nyt ympäri maailmaa ja toiveena on että ihmiset eri puolilla maailmaa heräisivät huomamaan borrelioosiin sairastuneiden vakavan tilanteen hoitojen suhteen. Kaiken takana on tietysti raha. Vakuutusyhtiöt eivät halua myöntää sairauden vakavuutta ja laajaa levinneisyyttä.

Tilanne ei ole Suomessakaan kovin hyvä, mutta ei se näytä olevan sitä muuallakaan.

Threat to Seize Child of UK Woman on Hunger Strike over Lyme!

UK Attempts to Terrorise Christine Jennings into Silence

20 Feb 2005

by Lisa Masterson, London, England (writing in personal capacity)

On Monday 14 Feb 2005, Christine Jennings, a 43 year old woman from Leicestershire, England, began a hunger strike to protest at the health service's refusal to treat her for Lyme disease/borreliosis. Mrs. Jennings has been denied treatment for ten years, despite the fact that American specialist doctors from ILADS believe she has Lyme disease, and despite the fact that she has now become wheelchair-bound and may soon go blind.

Within a very short time of announcing her hunger strike, the local press and local BBC picked up the story. The authorities panicked, and announced that they would allow Mrs.Jennings to be seen at any hospital in the country she wished, and the National Health Service would finance this. (A similar situation arose in November last year when Wendy Fox, a woman in her thirties who had been allowed to deteriorate to the point where she became paraplegic and critically ill with severe cardiopathy, was suddenly offered treatment for her Lyme disease when she told the press she would organise a protest at the Prime Minister's house.)

But Mrs.Jennings smelled a rat, as she has only been promised an appointment, not treatment, and has refused to give up her hunger strike. Under current Department of Health policy, the UK is misusing the criteria laid down by the Center for Disease Control in America, insisting that (apart from those in the very earliest stages), only patients with positive blood tests (using a testing methodology that has been proven to miss the overhwelming majority of cases!) can be diagnosed with Lyme disease. In addition, the UK relies on unproven theories by the American "Steere camp" of doctors to deny treatment, even to those whom they acknowledge have Lyme, beyond an arbitrary few weeks. The Steere camp is dominated by doctors, scientists and government officials with overwhelming conflicts of interest with the insurance industry, biotech/pharmaceutical corporations, and the military.

The British government has insisted for years that Lyme disease is practically non-existent here, and the last published figure (based on estimates from the UK's Southampton reference laboratory) was just over 300 cases. This is absurd, given that some European countries, including those with a population much smaller than ours, report tens of thousands of cases, and birds are known to spread the Lyme-infected ticks worldwide.

Now the authorities have sent a social worker to Mrs. Jennings' house, threatening to take her 13 year old daughter into foster care! They have also threatened to forcibly commit Mrs Jennings to a mental institution, for insisting that her doctors, who specialise in Lyme and have a world-renowned reputation for excellence, are correct.

By launching a false accusation of child neglect/abuse against her, they can now simultaneously accomplish three things.

First, the obvious blackmail: she either shuts up, or they take her child away.

Second, she is discredited - she is painted as a child abuser and a lunatic, to whom no one should pay attention - and by implication, the knowledgeable and experienced doctors supporting her are discredited too. These doctors, mostly linked with the professional association ILADS (www.ilads.org), are consistently being harassed and targeted with false accusations orchestrated by the Steere camp.

Third - and perhaps most shocking of all - if they succeed in removing Mrs. Jennings' child, her case then falls into the arena of the Family Court system, which means that all details surrounding the woman and her family now become secret. Mrs Jennings will no longer be permitted to discuss her case with the press, nor with Lyme campaigners, nor even her friends, her local councillor, her representative in Parliament, human rights organisations, nor even her own mother! If she does, she can be jailed for contempt of court.

Are the British authorities truly so arrogant that they think they can get away with this? Many experienced Lyme doctors suspect that much of the so-called myalgic encephalitis/chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic is really Lyme disease. There are an estimated 300 000 people with ME/CFS in the UK. Health campaigner Jane Colby recently told the national press here that 7% of parents of children with this diagnosis have either had their children taken away, or been threatened with their children's removal by social services. The parents are told that their child has no organic illness, and that they are causing or contributing to a psychosomatic syndrome and therefore their child must be put into foster care or adopted.

Will every mother in this country who discovers that she or her children have Lyme disease, be threatened with removal of her children into foster care and adoption, just so that our government can keep the lid on a cover-up? People thousands of miles away know of Mrs Jennings' plight, and her story is all over the internet. Just as more and more information regarding the involvement of the US and British biowarfare establishment, top biotech corporations (such as Glaxo SmithKline), and the powerful insurance industry's involvement with the Lyme disease cover-up is available on the internet now too.

This cover-up cannot be sustained much longer. Reports about the importance of Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases for the military in both Britain and US are leaking out almost daily. A local councillor defending Mrs Jennings who had advertised his phone number in the local press was inundated with calls from doctors and nurses stating they believe there is a cover-up in the UK over Lyme disease, but they had been too frightened to talk about it before. Now they are talking.

Recently our government informed Parliament that there has been no research on Lyme disease here since 1999. But Porton Down, the UK's top biowarfare establishment, is studying the prevalence of Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, Crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever, and other tick-borne illnesses, and has admitted as such in documents which are out in the public domain.
A staggering proportion of Steere camp doctors are biowarfare experts and/or members of elite military units such as the EIS. This includes Mark Klempner, Alan Barbour, Jorge Benach, Edward McSweegan, Phil Baker and Allen Steere himself.

This cover-up cannot be sustained much longer. Please do everything you can to publicise the situation of Mrs Jennings.

Please contact the media in your country and in Britain, as well as human rights organisations, and alert them as to what is going on, and the fact that the UK's Family Court system is being used to wrap a cloak of secrecy around this issue. They must not be allowed to silence sick and suffering people this way. They must not be allowed to abuse and traumatise children this way.

A new campaign, Borrelisois and Associated Diseases Awareness (BADA) was set up in the aftermath of the rally at the Prime Minister's house in November. They can be contacted at bada-uk@hotmail.co.uk .


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