Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Yhden perheen tarina ja hoidot: Lapsilla autismi, borrelioosi, useita lisäinfektioita kuten sytomegalovirus, herpes (HHV6), mykoplasma jne. Äidillä lisäksi MS- ja krooninen fatiikkioireyhtymädiagnoosit. Perhe käyttää lukuisia lääkkeellisiä + lääkkeettömiä hoitoja - lista tekstin lopussa.

"We are being treated by Dr Jones via consult. My children with autism are coming back to me, and my illness if beginning to see the light of day. Ok, I am going to say it...I think autism is mercury and lyme, bottom line. I feel, and the kids feel one hundred percent better. We also have co infections of CMV, HHV6 and Strep, as well as have MTHFR Deficiency (handled with the supplement list below). Google MTHFR and Autism. We are also mycoplasma fermantans positive, or the GWS, of which, we were never exposed to GWS vaccines. IT is a known fact that microorganisms and contaminations do exist in routine childhood vaccines however.

We also have a gene variant of Hemachromatosis, so we treat with blood letting and or IP-6 and B-6.

We believe that Dr Jones has been the key doctor in our recovery. We would have been passed by as so what, and what do you mean one band is lyme.

Much of the kids immune response were so negligible that they would have looked like they didn't have lyme. When in fact, most kids with ADD, Autism or other Brain dysfunctions are positive-but don't show up positive because of weak equivocal immune responses. When treated they do start to make new antibodies. This coincides with their clinical history for other infections.

Myself with a diagnosis of MS and CFS am also improving-though two steps forward, one step back. I believe many co infections such as clostridium, aspergillus, candida, or AGBN bacteria are coming around because mercury and viruses and bacteria love our kids with no metallothionein, glutathione or MTHFR.

A recent study on Vancomycin, shows improvement in thirty days in autism, but when taken off EARLY, the children regress back. This shows that the lyme bacterium were not given a chance to be eliminated completely and have gone into cyst and bleb forms evading once again the immune response and signing up for another strategy of damage.

I also believe in the theory of NANOBACTERIA ( ). Children with autism are in this picture of what I call slime calcification in the brain. The only way to get around that is low and fine and small nanoantibiotics. EDTA works wonders on this.

I believe in the theory that our children have lyme in utero, and when vaccinated, the vaccinations act as a worse infection, because the body has already been pounced upon by lyme and mycoplasma. Many secondary infections are worse than the first original infections. This goes along nicely with the theory that autism is a consequence of a secondary infection from childhood vaccinations series. I believe that our children were sitting ducks. Maybe, their autism would have not been expressed, until they got a vaccine of mercury and viruses that their body cannot handle anymore. Possibly becuase the endolethium cells were infected by lyme, making them more leaky and open to damage-expressly the gut and the Blood Brain Barrier. This also can be handily destroyed by improper birth methods ( and The combination of all these factors are NEW in our medical practices. Epigenetically, these are things that are chaning our genes and their structure and function, not to mention poor foods, stress.

Rocephin, Doxycycline, Biaxin and Zithromax - pulsed on and off with probiotic
follow through
IV Chelation MErcury Detox - DMPS and later DMSA after all DMPS has worked
IV Amino Acids and Vitamins
IV Glutathione
Glutathione Precursors, ALA, Sauna, Metallothionein promotion (through IV)
( ), Betain HCL, VIT b-6 p5p, Biotin and Inisotol, MB-12
Injections (Without Folinic Acid) (three times a week), Hyloronic Acid, Noni,
Ambrotose, Transfer Factor specific CHISOLM Toueff, Homeopathics - and VAccine Detoxes, Liver Detoxes, Pancreatic Enzymes, GF
CF Diet, No MSG or aspartame ( ), Selenium through Brazil
Nuts, Zinc, CAL/MAG,
Epsom Salt Baths, Sodium Tablets or Celtic Salt ( ), Cat's
Claw, Juicing or No Cook Meals, Kefir, Ridoxolan Plus or Beta Glucan
( ). Essential Oils for Viruses.
We are also going to try:
HBO treatments in June
NAET- Possible PLASMAPHERISIS to improve immune quality. Depending on approval from insurance company.

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