Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Positiivinen tarina vaihteeksi. Naisella diagnosoitiin MS vuonna 1995 vaikka hän ilmoitti lääkäreille että hänellä oli aiemmin ollut useita punkkeja kehossaan. Borrelioosi diagnosoitiin siten vasta 2001. Babesioosin hän hoiti Artemisinin-nimisellä yrttivalmisteella. Borrelioosia hän on hoitanut kissankynsivalmisteella (Samento). Toksiinien poistoon hän käyttää Silphiumia.

I have been reading very closely the references of Lyme Disease and MS. I was diagnosed in 1995 with MS, even with telling many doctors about pulling many tiny ticks off in summer of '91, while living in South Carolina, USA.

In 2001, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, by Dr. Geoffrey Ames in Richland, Washington, USA. He tested all of his MS patients in 2003 for Lyme Disease and they all came back positive, using the Western Blot.

I had the Bowen Lab Test this January, only because I wanted to know the load, after 3 1/2 years of traditional antibiotics, garlic and oregano treatment, plus artimesia, for babesiosis.

My Bowen results were 1:64 for lyme and negative for Babesiosis. I only just recently felt the babesiosis was gone and I did it with Artimisinin 2 twice a day. I say 'I did it' because Dr. Ames wanted to have me on 3-20 day sessions of Mepron and possibly Zithromax, I'm not sure on that one. It made me so VERY SICK, I used Artimisinin, 2 twice a day, from info I found on the internet, treating babesiosis is very much like treating malaria.

I have worked up to 8 drops of Samento per day (3 am, 2 afternoon and 3 at bedtime). The major horrible Hercx's are totally gone, I might get a very slight headache and just a bit upset stomach, for a very short time, maybe 2 hours, once in a while, usually when I increase 1 drop of samento. I have learned to do that only once a week. I also take 10 drops of Silphium 3xday, for toxin removal.

My blood work has finally normalized, only thing off is the fibrinogen level, in December it was at 326 but back up to 409, a week ago. I will attribute that to not having the Nattokinese for about 10 days, just prior to getting the blood work done. I do take many supplements per day, but I believe they have helped me get to where I am, plus, I believe the Samento was the 'pull together treatment' that brought my body back in-line. I had my blood work done every 2 months, from July 2001, with no change prior to starting the Samento, a few months ago.

All in all, I am improving, instead of feeling like a 'yo-yo! I can get both of my feet off of the running boards on our car, in stretching, (my husband has stretched me since summer of '98 ) I am able to move my legs with 'my head' instead of my hands, my mind is TOTALLY clear, bladder control in 85% better.

I walked until April 2002, so I'm in this chair, but I have a beautiful Quarter Horse mare, Lady Bug, in our pasture, who will be very surprized when she is no longer a 'yard ornament', but once again out on the trails of Conrad Meadows in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, USA. Plus, our daughter is to have her 1st baby, the 1st of May, my 3rd grandchild and I very much want to hold her.

From everything I have read, if you stick with Samento, you WILL get out of the hole that Lyme Disease has put you in and Multiple Sclerosis IS one of many forms of Lyme Disease!

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