Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Nuoren amerikkalaisen naisen äiti kuoli borrelioosiin joulukuussa sairastettuaan 20 vuotta. Äiti oli kuollessaan 49-vuotias. Tytär haluaa nyt tehdä työtä borrelioosiasian eteen: hän aloittaa sen vuoksi lääketieteen opinnot keväällä sekä haluaa osallistua kävelymielenosoitukseen asian puolesta.

My mother was infected in 1984 for 20 years she suffered with lyme december 11 of 2004 at the young age 49 Deanice Hinton died of lyme.

I thank each of you for your stories and help. Keep fighting and telling your stories or those who have passed will have died in vain.

I will not allow my mother to die in vain come the spring of 2005 I will be entering medical school, also if anyone knows how I would like help in orginizing a walk for lyme in may in the state of oklahoma in honor of my mother.

My mom did respond to the antibotics the problem was getting them, she was off of them for 3 months and had a severe yeast infection, when waiting for the rocphine to come she was being treated for the yeast. The doctor ordered her not to be exposed to anyone sick because of her depleted immune system, of course people didn't believe that.

I contacted the cdc and the oklahoma departement on health today. The cdc apparently don't recive many lyme cases from oklahoma because in oklahoma the doctors are not required to let the cdc know about an infection because it is lonestarie another straine of lyme.

I ask both the deparetment of health what they are doing to let oklahomans know about the risks of this disease. Get this. They have pamplets and information but they must be requested by a doctor in order to recive them. Other diseases they send out regularly.

Anything wrong with this picture. You will have to excuse me i have a world to save.

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