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Viesti Kirjoittaja Bb » Ti Tammi 27, 2009 22:32

16-vuotiaan Lauran tarina. Äiti vei hänet noin 10 lääkärin vastaanotolle ennen diagnoosia.

Ahhh... I looked forward to high school like nothing else. Freshman year had come and gone, I was happy. All the dates, the friends, the grades... nothing could change my happiness. But it did. During the summer before Sophmore year I found a rash on my chest and my stomach. After they didn't go away, my Mom took me to the doctor. They had no idea what it was and gave me a cream to put on it. It eventually went away with the cream. In August, my joints began to hurt along with headaches and fatigue.

I couldn't play field hockey -- the only thing I did was sleep. I figured I'd had a busy summer and was just tired. The school year started and I was having trouble understanding things. I was an excellent student, but now I could not remember what we learned to even do the homework. Eventually I would just stay home. I didn't go out on weekends, and when I made it to school I did horribly anyway.

Finally, my Mom took me to about 10 doctors before I was diagnosed with Lyme. The doctor put me on two weeks of oral antibiotics. After I didn't get any better she just said I was depressed and gave me a prescription for medicine. We never filled the prescription; I was not depressed. I met a girl who knew a doctor in Maine that treated Lyme. She too, had Lyme and went to him. We made an appointment with him in November and he put me on oral antibiotics until the begining of April.

I went from a healthy 115 pounds to 98. Because the medicine was taking off the lining of my stomach, I would stop eating. He then put me on the IV, which is horrible to have because I'm 16 and it's hot. And I am never wearing short sleeves. I don't feel better yet but maybe I will soon. I believe everything happens for a reason. I am a strong person and one day this is going to be a faint memory, but for now... the tears haven't dried, the pain has not stopped, and the hope is diminishing.

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