Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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31-vuotiaan amerikkalaisen sairauskertomus vuodesta 2000 tähän päivään saakka. Oireet alkoivat jatkuvilla poskiontelotulehduksilla joulukuussa 2000. Borrelioosidiagnoosiin päädyttiin helmikuussa 2004. Sitä ennen henkilö oli käyttänyt erilaisia antibioottihoitoja poskiontelotulehduksiin + vaihtoehtoisia hoitomuotoja. Syyskuussa 2004 alkoi käyttää yhdentyyppistä Rife-laitetta. Voi tällä hetkellä hyvin.

Trip Ritchie´s Successful Battle Against Lyme Disease

My story begins in December of 2000 when I came down with a sinus infection. As I had always done in the past, I visited my nurse practitioner at the family practice and started a short round of antibiotics. The antibiotics did not do any good, and I started a second, longer round of antibiotics. Once again, I wasn¡¦t getting any better, so we did a MRI on my sinuses. Plenty of problems up there in the ole¡¦ noggin¡¦, so we started a third round of antibiotics, for a full month this time. Well, by February, my sinuses were better, but I was not. So we did the old sleep apnea test against my will, no problem there. I had tubes stuck up my nose, no problems there either. When I sat down with my doctor, all I heard was "You are perfectly healthy.¨ But Dr. XXX¡¨, I said, I am not a healthy person¨, and I went on to describe the numerous symptoms. He told me to get some rest and I would be fine. What a crushing blow. Well anyway, I tried that, but didn¡¦t get any better. And during this time, I also did a little research on Lyme disease, and knew that the symptoms fit. Unfortunately, I didn´t pursue Lyme disease because of the bad information on the websites I was using. I was led to believe I had to remember an EM rash. If only I knew then what I know now. I saw another doctor in the practice who actually listened. He diagnosed me with mononucleosis. At this point, I´m 31 years old, so I could see that being the issue. Six months pass and my health only gets worse. I¡¦m eventually sent to an allergist. Along with this came allergy shots. Now, this did help and I did feel better but I was still sick. Anyway, I stuck these allergy shots out for a year. And as always, my health continued to decline. By this point, I was sleeping about 12 hours per night, taking a nap when I got home, and I was lucky if I could stay awake at all. I was then sent to an infectious disease specialist that only gave me the wonderful Chronic Fatigue Syndrome answer. What a waste of time. The only reason I was able to go to work during this time is because I was single and had to pay the bills. I work on commission, so I tried to make it in by nine and rarely made it past three. Needless to say, this took a toll on how I was perceived at work and eventually lost a great position that paid me well. But that doesn¡¦t matter when you do not have your health as most of you reading this already know. It only helped that I had enough money saved to go through the next year and a half of doctor bills.

The fall of 2002 rolls around, and I start searching for answers because I¡¦m on a downward spiral. I get books on alternative medicine and discover there are clinics who treat people. Off to one I go. I drop about $20,000 in one month at this place. I do begin to feel better and they have given me hope. From there, I¡¦m able to find an alternative medicine doctor in my hometown. We chelated my body of metals and I had my mercury fillings removed. I do believe this did help and I¡¦m glad I did it. One less worry for the future now. We continue to run every test under the sun, and I do everything it takes to get better, including a strict food allergy diet. That diet was tough. We eventually get to the point where all we can figure out is that the Epstein-Bahr virus is the only issue. We start going after that aggressively. Now this is important. It¡¦s December 2003, I¡¦m out of all savings, barely making enough to cover my bills, I´m sick, and the doctor requires payment. I estimate that I¡¦ve spent around $75,000 at this point, and run up other debt on credit. Not to mention the fact that this disease was also probably costing me another $100,000 per year in income.

This is when a higher power steps in. In February 2004, my doctor says there is a new Lyme disease test on the market (Bowen). He wants to run it just so we can rule Lyme out. Well, you, the readers, know this result. To me, it was a shock and a blessing. I had Lyme disease pretty bad along with babesia. I finally knew I was not crazy (After roughly 7 or 8 doctors). I found lymenet.org and other websites and learned everything I could about Lyme disease. I made an appointment with a Lyme disease specialist in NC and started antibiotic treatment in March. I made quick progress and thought the hell was coming to an end. I had started walking up to 45 minutes per day. I felt great, with no rage, tingling, dizziness, etc. That reality ended quickly unfortunately. In June 2004, I was feeling bad again and the hell was back. I do not know why it just all fell apart so quick, but that is what happens with this disease. In August, I packed up and moved to Charleston, SC from Columbia, SC. I figured I had nothing to lose. I had lost all my business in Columbia because of this disease and I wanted to live at the coast. If I have to re-build my client database, might as well do it from where I want to be. And besides, the lyme disease was going wherever I went anyway.

Magically, I get moved and start feeling better again. I get back to walking daily but was unable to do anything more strenuous that that and still had some symptoms, especially the fatigue. During this time though, I had been researching rife machines. I was cautiously optimistic, but knew I had to try it. The antibiotics were destroying my gut, and I couldn¡¦t see taking these pills for what could possibly be years. Skyking was gracious enough to answer emails I sent, and I finally borrowed the money from my loving grandmother to buy a machine in early September 2004.

I want to give you a little more of my past before I continue with the rife story. Before I was sick, I was a very active person. I was 31 years old the year I became sick and in the best shape of my life. I played soccer when I could. I ran around 30 miles per week, usually with some good buddies that I miss terribly, rode my bike 50+ miles per week, swam 3 times per week, lifted weights, and if you couldn¡¦t guess, ran the occasional triathlon. That was just for fun with me. So you can imagine how this disease just destroyed my life as I knew it.

I have been using my machine for about three weeks now. Today is September 27, 2004. My first treatment was on September 5, 2004 for about 2 minutes and had a full herx reaction. I had to wait a full week to use the maching again, but I did five minutes the second time. I herxed pretty bad again and had to wait five days. After the third session, things started improving very quickly. I¡¦m now up to 25 minutes, can use the machine daily, and I¡¦m not having any major herxes so I¡¦m going to continue to slowly increase the time each day and continue adding new frequencies. I am walking all that I want to. I have run at least a little every day this past week during my walks on the beach. Last Friday morning, Sept, 24, after walking 30 minutes, I ran for 15 minutes and felt absolutely fine, just out of shape. While it¡¦s a far cry from the shape I used to be in, I feel like I climbed Mt. Everest. When I came home from work, I rode my bike for 9 miles. I cannot believe how far this machine has taken me in such a short amount of time. I, of course, am still cautiously optimistic. We¡¦ve all felt better only to have it fall apart. But, I must say, there is something different this time. I feel different, I feel new again. I went by a gym last Friday to get a trial membership so I can start swimming and lifting weights again. I think running is going to be part of my day again for the first time in years. I¡¦m so excited! I think I see a triathlon coming in the spring. I swear, if I cross the finish line of a triathlon again, I´ll have the biggest smile on my face. I promised myself something I will keep to. I promised that if I was ever able to do a triathlon again, I wasn¡¦t going to compete in my first one back, I was just going to finish, going to enjoy the race and talking to other people, and that is what I´m going to do! I´ll probably drink a beer afterward too. I cannot wait to get home after work so I can go run!

I know I have left out many details in my story, but I have a feeling, it´s quite similar to yours, so you can fill in any other details I´ve left out. Stay strong, you can recover.

My yahoo email is tripritchie@yahoo.com if you want to contact me.

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