Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Yhden amerikkalaisen miehen borrelioositarina Lymenetistä (Bb+Bartonella): Sairaana 7 v, antibiootteja 2 1/2 v. Lopetti antibiootit 3 kk sitten. Hoitona tällä hetkellä otsoni, rife, ylipainehappihoito, yrtit, hiivan liikakasvun hoito yms. Vointi tällä hetkellä kohtalaisen hyvä.

"Background: Sick for 7 years and treated with abx for 2 1/2 years. Diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella by positive Western Blot and ELISA.

I made the decision to stop abx about 3 months ago. I didn't think it was worth it to try and treat in the dark any longer. Since testing for Lyme is crock and the treatment is not even close to defined, not to mention totally toxic...I chose to re-establish my health by other means. I was getting sicker and sicker on abx. A downward spiral into an abyss where everyday was a bad day and I hated life. I sometimes wished I wouldn't wake up the next day. My brain and body were no longer my own. I'm not talking about the abx giving me herxes and that's why I felt bad...I'm talking about them directly making me sick.

Improvement only began for me when I ditched the abx and went alternative. I was seeing a well-renowned LLMD with a very aggressive protocol too. After stopping abx and aggressively going after Candida, I'm finally healing.

I'm much stronger now and doing physical activity that I could never do before. I worked 5 hours straight yesterday cleaning out my garage. Before, I couldn't have lasted 5 minutes.

I'm using Ozone, hyperbaric, rife, and herbs and feeling great. Still in recovery and still knocking out pathogens whether Lyme or not. No more guesswork and no more abx...not ever!!

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