Borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilökohtaisia kokemuksia taudista ja sen hoidosta.

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Viesti Kirjoittaja Bb » Ti Tammi 27, 2009 21:06

Menestystarina Lymenetistä. Kertomuksen mukaan aviomies sai borrelioosin + lukuisia lisäinfektioita vaimoltaan. Mies sairastui vakavasti ja hänelle esitettiin erilaisia diagnooseja, esim. MS, ALS, Parkinson jne. Tällä hetkellä mies kykenee jälleen liikkumaan normaalisti : husband (of 43 years) is now well also and cured of Lyme and whatever else came with it.

I gave him the lyme and six co-infections after I got the tickbite in 1996. He had every diagnosis and symptom of MS and Parkinson's Disease, take your pick, with a few ALS symptoms thrown in.

He fell all over the place at one point because he could not hold his balance. His legs would not follow his brain's commands. Moving five feet was a major chore. We often laughted - Jack stating "I will be there by breakfast", when he wanted to get to the bathroom after dinner. He was one sick puppy - going up and down, down and up like a yo-yo. Doing well for a few days, only to sink deeper again.

We played musical chairs from cane to wheelchair, to walker, to hospital, to back fracture, to almost normal. Every MD, except Dr. Klinghardt, told him he had a progressive disease and not to expect anything at this stage in life.

Dr. Klinghardt told him he had heavy metal toxicity (various), dental infections, and Lyme Disease which automatically includes viral infections, parasites, fungi, as most of us know by now. (If you don't know that or take it into consideration in treatment, you are living in a dream world. Lyme Disease is several diseases together. It's never ever just one cause alone.)

We went at it with ART and patiently cleared out one problem after the other. Sometimes several at once. Sometimes just one. Sometimes the body just took a breather and would not release much. Klinghardt always reminding us that the sun was shining around the corner! The man has the patience of a saint.

Now my husband is absolutely fine, walking, sleeping, eating, sharp as a tack. He is fully functional without any drugs whatsoever. He is starting to swim (never realized one can't swim if the legs don't respond) and building muscles and add on weight.

He is 78 and I know many declared silently, "this guy won't make it". Well, he did. I always knew that he would. I have bathed him and couldn't move him out of the tub without calling the Fire Department. I am just a little person and he was a lot of dead weight. So I started taking showers with him. There was a time I was feeding him, because he could not get the spoon to his mouth. There was a time when it took two extra adults to move/shove/push him upstairs.

The only regret I have is that we waited a couple of years too long before considering removing all infected teeth and jawbone (as we were advised) hoping it could be avoided or cleared out with other means. But the critters were relentless - they love the mouth, jaw, and head, and eventually all these toxins can be found all the way down in the feet!

Now, almost ten months after these oral surgeries, the body has cleared out all the mercaptans, thioethers, metals and most that does not belong in a body.

We are one happy couple - he did the start of the jig yesterday with the nurse at Dr. Klinghardt's office, swinging his cane as if dancing in the rain!

I hope this gives you all a lift knowing that it can be done if approached the right way. Everything I have told in these almost two thousand posts on this board still holds true.

Good luck.

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