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Viesti Kirjoittaja Bb » Ti Tammi 27, 2009 20:27

Yli vuoden hoito jopa kuudella antibiootilla - tällä hetkellä 90 % parempi:

About 3 years ago I felt close to death. There was bright red blood in BM and urine. It turned the toilet red. Doc's said there was nothing wrong, see a shrink. A Dentist said "your gums are bleeding you have a bacterial infection you need antibiotics!". I even had a recurring bullseye rash for over 20 years. Using up to 6 antibiotics at a time for over a year seems to have cured the lyme disease.

Next was the migraines and dizziness. I looked at my blood under a microscope and saw groups of black dots. Using a "Doug coil" set up I have eliminated the migraines and there are no more black dots in my blood cells.

However last time I looked at my blood cells I saw another "fiber" like what I had seen previously in my urine. I once thought these were spirochetes. They look like the things in my eyes. My "IBS" includes long strings of "mucus" sometimes up to a foot in length by about 1/16 of an inch in diameter. My conclusion is some type of worm.

So I am ramping up on C, salt and wormwood (artemisia). I had to cut back on the wormwood as it causes a lot of pain on the right side (likely a herx). So far at over 4 grams of C the only problem is some acid reflux (I have GERD and Hiatal hernia). Lets hope this works as well as they say it does.

Overall my health is better by about 90% so far.

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