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Vuoden 2009 kongressi helmikuussa: Autismi, Borrelioosi, infektiotaudit ja krooniset sairaudet.

2009 Conference Announcement
February 2009

in This Issue
2009 Conference
LIA Foundation Teams up with CHOICE
Dear Friends,

This is a really exciting newsletter because we have so much to announce. First, we'd like to announce our 2009 annual conference on autism, Lyme disease, multiple infections and chronic illness called: "From Roadblocks to Recovery." (Formerly The Lyme-Autism Connection Conference) Read more about our exciting lineup of speakers.
In addition, I am pleased to announce that in partnership with Zenworks Productions, we have put our 2007 and 2008 general session presentations online for FREE unlimited access. We have also made available our "Physicians Training" presentations for physicians at a very low price. Please check out:
and enjoy learning from our incredible speakers. You will see the high quality presentations that our conferences provide. I hope that this will encourage you to attend our 2009 conference this June to be there in person.

From Roadblocks to Recovery - June 25 - 28 Scottsdale, Arizona
Out of the 2008 Lyme-Autism Connection Conference came a new shift: we will increase our education for practitioners. Why? Families tell us they may see limited progress in the various treatment protocols, but they see a big jump in results when they work with an integrative practitioner who possesses cutting edge education. Several doctors who were first time attendees at the 2008 Lyme-Autism Connection conference said they were just "blown away" by the many aspects of the epidemic and the speed at which new information is coming to the forefront. Patients who attended had a full toolbox of information to take back to their doctors.

Data shows a growing number of families are affected by autism or by Lyme disease, and many children have both diagnoses. This conference focuses on intermingling traditional and alternative biomedical treatment for children and adults affected by Borrelia, multiple-infections and/or autism spectrum disorder, asperger's syndrome, and ADHD. You will hear presentations about environmental insults which exasperate symptoms in these disorders. You will hear presentations with the newest scientific data. We are also able to provide CME credits. Additionally, we estimate about 40 vendors.

Conference participants tell us we are "10 years ahead" of other conferences because of the vast amount of cutting edge information provided. So join us for our 2009 conference, "From Roadblocks to Recovery."

When: Physicians Training Day - Thursday, June 25th
General Session - Friday June 26 - Sunday June 28th

Where: Radisson Fort McDowell Casino and Resort
10438 N. Fort McDowell Road
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ 85264

Room Rates: $109 per night.

To reserve your room at our special group rate of $109 per night (plus tax) please go to: ... e=AZMCDOWE


Networking Dinner - Friday, June 26th
In addition to our fabulous conference, we will also have a networking dinner event on Friday, June 26th featuring Dr. Joe Mercola as our keynote speaker. You don't want to miss it! Tickets should be pre-purchased to ensure availability at: ... ation.html

Texas Hold 'em Show Down For Autism - Saturday, June 27th
Please join us for our first annual poker tournament! We are taking sponsorships and sign-ups now! Don't miss out on this fun event to help LIA Foundation and CHOICE raise money for our important missions. For buy-in information and sponsorships, please go to:
Please pre-register.

The best part of our conference is the high quality speakers we provide to our attendees. The complete conference schedule can be found online at: ... akers.html

You can see that you will hear from some of the most sought after speakers in the world of integrative medicine. You'll learn from the very best (in no particular order) such as:

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD
Jeffrey Smith - Author of Seeds of Deception
Garry Gordon, MD
Donna Nakazawa - Author of the Autoimmune Epidemic
Lee Cowden, MD
George Gonzalez, DC - Founder of Quantum Neurology
Elizabeth Sheehan, DC
Heidi Noyer, MS, LPC, LCDC
Anne Corson, MD
Jeff Wulfman, MD
Vicki Warren - Bau Biologe
Stephen Fry, MD
Vicki Bowmann, PhD
Pramila Srinivasan, PhD
Jamie Juarez, MS, LMFT
Josh Berry, ND
Lawrence A. Klapow, PhD
David Berg, MD
Mary Coyle, DI.hom. and Lisa Rudley
Joe Mercola, DO
Anju Usman, MD
Dana Gorman and the collaborators of Thriiive

We are now open to accepting vendor registrations, please go to: ... ation.html
for more information. We have a new floorplan which will allow more traffic in the vendor room.

The conference will be videotaped and available for purchase after the conference. No other video recording is allowed without receiving written permission from LIA Foundation. There will be no webinar this year so please plan to attend in person or purchase DVD's at a later date.

We look forward to a fabulous conference. Please make your plans now and we'll see you in June!

LIA Foundation teams up with CHOICE
Due to our complimentary missions, the LIA Foundation is teaming up with CHOICE for our 2009 conference. CHOICE was founded by Linda Hemming, a long time advocate for alternative medicine..a Lyme patient herself. Please read there mission and meet them at the 2009 conference "From Roadblocks to Recovery".

CHOICE is the voice of Arizona's patients and doctors, an organization born in Arizona in 2007 to ensure that a wide array of choices is available in medical care. (website coming soon)
CHOICE advocates for:
- Ability for doctors to pursue advanced treatments that go beyond the conventional Standard of Care which is shaped in large measure by the pharmaceutical industry.
- Emphasis on prevention and attainment of good health, not just "disease management" with costly interventions and drug prescriptions.
- Recognition that food is our best medicine. We need access to food that is free of pesticides/hormones/steroids, free of genetic modification, grown in nutrient rich soil. We need unfettered access to unprocessed food that has not been denatured for longer shelf life.
- Availability of a wide range of supplements including herbs, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies.
- Truth in labeling so we know when MSG and other additives are present in foods.
- Ability to accept or deny vaccinations for our children; those who feel vaccines and their components contribute to health problems should not be threatened with jail if they choose not to vaccinate.
- Full disclosure about medical microchips that would be implanted in the name of "safety."

We hope that you like the new things we are doing this year. See you in June!


Tami Duncan
LIA Foundation -
Co-Founder and Executive Director

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