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Krooniselle Borrelioosille näyttöä

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(2012) "Kroonista Borrelioosia sairastaville on vuosikymmenten ajan kerrottu oireiden olevan kuviteltuja, liioiteltuja tms. Samoin on kerrottu kroonista väsymysoireyhtymää kärsiville. Nyt on löytynyt objektiivista näyttöä oireiden tueksi. Immunologi Steven Schutzer tutki sairastuneiden selkäydinnestenäytteitä ja havaitsi niissä toisistaan poikkeavia proteiineja. Borrelioosia sairastavien näytteet poikkesivat kroonista väsymysoireyhtymää sairastavien näytteistä ja kummankin ryhmän näytteet poikkesivat sen lisäksi terveen verrokkiryhmän näytteistä."
Top 100 Stories of 2011 #90: Chronic Lyme Patients Validated

A new study uncovered biomarkers for Lyme disease symptoms that persist even after treatment.
by Katie Palmer

From the January-February special issue; published online January 5, 2012

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (in which symptoms persist after antibiotic treatment) have spent decades fending off charges that their debilitating exhaustion and cognitive problems were simply imagined. But a study released last February provides tangible evidence that their conditions are real and distinct entities.

Immunologist Steven Schutzer of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey examined samples of cerebrospinal fluid, the clear liquid 
that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, from patients with each syndrome.

In identifying the contents of that fluid, he documented different sets of proteins for each group of patients, potential biomarkers that distinguish between the two 
conditions and healthy controls. Schutzer revealed the marker proteins by removing common, unrelated proteins like albumin and immunoglobulin from the spinal fluid before his analysis. ?That lets the smaller proteins?the potential biomarkers?not get obscured,? he says. ?At least now we know we?re not just speculating about the differences between chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme.?

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