HUOM! YLE TEEMA la 16.7: Borrelioosin uhrit

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HUOM! YLE TEEMA la 16.7: Borrelioosin uhrit

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YLE Teema esittää Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit (Under our skin) lauantaina 16.7. ... osin-uhrit

Tosielämän trilleri ja järkyttävä paljastus siitä, kuinka lääketiede ei pysty vastaamaan yhteen suurimmista aikamme epidemioista. Tätä kaikkea on tiededokumentti Borrelioosin uhrit.
Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit

keskiviikko 13.7. klo 15.45
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La 16.7.2011 klo 17.25 YLE Teema
Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit
Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit(Uusinta)
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Ke 13.7.2011 klo 15.45 YLE Teema
Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit
Tiededokumentti: Borrelioosin uhrit(Uusinta)

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Palkittu dokumentti pureutuu punkin puremasta alkunsa saamaan Lymen tautiin eli borrelioosiin. Kauhu valtaa mielen dokumenttia katsoessa, ja olet hetkittäin vakuuttunut siitä, ettet enää koskaan astu jalallasi metsikköön tai makaa nurmella auringonottopuuhissa.

Usein tauti jää diagnosoimatta tai se diagnosoidaan väärin. Dokumentissa tarkastellaan, mitä seuraamuksia tästä voi potilaille koitua. Kuulemme pitkäaikaissairaiden surullisia tarinoita. Lukuisia visiittejä lääkäreille ja tuhansien dollarien kulut eikä diagnoosia silti heru. Dokumentin tieteellistä näkökulmaa vahvistavat alan asiantuntijoiden haastattelut.

Monet lääkärit ovat omistaneet elämänsä tutkimukselle, mutta pelottava Lymen tauti ei tunnu kiinnostavan. Borrelioosi on kuitenkin yksi aikamme nopeimmin leviävistä epidemioista. Mikä tähän on syynä? Määräävätkö globaalit lääkefirmat tutkimustyön resursoinnin, jonka seuraukset näkyvät vinoutumina terveydenhoitojärjestelmässä - ja mikä karmeinta - karuina ihmiskohtaloina. Andy Abrahams Wilsonin dokumentti on kaunistelematonta katsottavaa.

(Lähikuva punkista Richard Bartz/Wikimedia Commons)

Alla viimeisin "Under our skin" -uutiskirje.

Kirjeessä mainitaan mm. "Jenny Clarkilla diagnosoitiin MS-tauti useiden vuosien ajan ennen kuin oireiden aiheuttajaksi paljastui borrelia-bakteeri. Connien oireille annettiin 10v sitten nimeksi fibromyalgia mutta oireiden aiheuttajaksi paljastui borrelia-bakteeri."

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connie_jenny_lgJenny Clark (on right) was misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for many years before receiving a Lyme diagnosis. Connie Dickey (on left) was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia for 10 years, and finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. Their journey back to health, like so many others, consisted of multiple doctors out of state. Now they share a passion for raising awareness of Lyme disease in their home state of Tennessee, so that others won't have to suffer as they have. To kick off their efforts this spring, they decided to host a screening of UNDER OUR SKIN at the Regal Cinema in Knoxville. It was a huge success, drawing a crowd of over 200, many of which learned about Lyme disease for the first time.

Jenny and Connie are a prime example of how a screening of UNDER OUR SKIN can be transformed into an educational campaign for an entire community. They enthusiastically and aggressively reached out to their local print and television media, public officials, hospitals and places of worship. They obtained interviews on the three main television stations in their area, getting articles written in local newspapers, and advertising on local talk radio. They energized local churches to help get the word out, and gave a copy of the film to their congressman, meeting with his chief of staff several times. As a result of the screening, Jenny and Connie formed the first Lyme support group in the Knoxville area with over 20 people in attendance at the first meeting. They plan to have another screening of UNDER OUR SKIN in the Fall, using the documentary as a continuing opportunity to galvanize support and spread awareness.

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tg-still_memorial_circle_smOpen Eye Pictures is busy in various phases of production and post-production on several projects. THE GROVE, which tells the story of the National AIDS Memorial in San Francisco, challenges us with the question of what it means to be a national memorial for a disease that killed over 500,000 Americans--more than the number that died in all the U.S. wars in the 20th Century. The film premiered at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in April and will have a PBS broadcast later this year or next. We've also been partially funded to create a mobile application, called iMemorial, which gives users the opportunity to share personal tributes through their smart phones and use augmented reality to connect a person to a place.

th-sisterhoodSpeaking of memorial, Open Eye Pictures is also beginning production on a new project, THREADS, a holocaust story about secrets, sisterhood and survival. THREADS follows a daughter's search for her mother's hidden Holocaust past, leading her to a community of women who clung to life and each other by a thread. We begin our first production trip to Berlin and Poland this week.

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