Seminaari:Miten Borrelioosi ja lisäinfektiot parannetaan?

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Seminaari:Miten Borrelioosi ja lisäinfektiot parannetaan?

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21.3.2011 Seminaarissa tri Burrascano kertoo Borrelioosin ja lisäinfektioiden tehokkaimmista hoitomuodoista. Seminaarissa on sen lisäksi koululääketieteen ja luontaishoitojen edustajista kokoonpantu paneeli joka vastaa ihmisten kysymyksiin.

Invite You to a Fundraising Event

Putting Lyme Behind You: Cutting Edge Ways to Heal from Tick Borne Illness

A CALDA Fundraiser
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Gordon Medical Associates

Information on the Speakers

Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease by Dr. Joseph Burrascano

Wayne Anderson, ND

Eric Gordon, MD

Christine Green, MD

AzRa MaEl, MD

Neil Nathan, MD

Raphael Stricker, MD

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You are invited to come hear noted Lyme specialist Joseph Burrascano, MD, and a line-up of other leading Lyme physicians discuss the latest treatments to help you heal from Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. Following Dr. Burrascano's talk, there will be a panel of doctors to answer questions. Panelists include Eric Gordon, MD; AzRa MaEl, MD; Ray Stricker, MD; Christine Green, MD; Neil Nathan, MD; and Wayne Anderson, ND.

Putting Lyme Behind You:

Cutting Edge Ways to Heal from Tick Borne Illness

Dr. Joseph Burrascano, MD

DATE: Monday,

March 21, 2011

TIME: 5-8 PM


$40 per person

through March 18

$45 per person at the door.


The Friedman Event Center

4676 Mayette Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95405


This event is fragrance free. Please do not wear scented products to the talk.

For more information

or to make a reservation go to:

CALDA Online Registration


Call Gordon Medical at 707-575-5180

Online registration will only allow one person per email address. If you wish to register for more than one person, please call.

Dr. Burrascano will present his latest discoveries on treatments, followed by his participation in a panel with our local Lyme physicians, answering your questions about treatment issues. Don't miss this opportunity to support CALDA and your own treatment at the same time.
All proceeds from this event will go to fund the California Lyme Disease Association activities. Your donations to CALDA are tax deductible. It is a rare opportunity to have this group of physicians all available at one time to answer your questions. We hope to see you there.

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Gordon Medical Associates
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