2011 Kirja Borrelioosista

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2011 Kirja Borrelioosista

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Uusi kirja Borrelioosista:Bar Harbor ja Emily Bracale. 2011. In the Lyme-Light, Portraits of Illness and Healing on Saturday
Tri Patricia Gerbarg: Toiveeni on että yhä useammat ihmiset tulevat ymmärtämään Borrelioosin vaikutuksen meidän kaikkien elämään.

Bar Harbor artist, writer, and teacher Emily Bracale will be holding a book signing for her new work In the Lyme-Light, Portraits of Illness and Healing on Saturday, February 26 from 10:00 am -12:00 noon at the Southwest Harbor Public Library. The exhibit by the same name is on display at the library for the month of February. The book and the exhibit describe the effects of Lyme disease and are intended to raise public awareness.

In the Lyme-Light

Portraits of Illness and Healing

Copyright 2011 by Emily Bracale
ISBN: 978-1-936447-99-2

Individual books can be bought through: www.inthelyme-light.com
Stores can order books through: orders@maineauthorspublishing
Maine Authors Publishing, 558 Main Street, Rockland, ME 04841
tel 207-594-0091/fax 207-266-2015 www.maineauthorspublishing.com

From the Foreword:

?My first reactions to In the Lyme-Light were surprise, recognition, and gratitude. I was surprised by the eloquence of Emily?s visual images and the beauty in her description of the devastating effects of Lyme disease on her mind, body, and spirit. Those of us who have lived with Lyme disease, who have struggled to understand and express what we experience, recognize exactly what Emily portrays in words and colors. And with that recognition comes a sense of gratitude that someone has found a way to tell our story.?

?I hope that readers will share this book with as many people as possible, not only to heighten awareness and understanding for those who live with Lyme, but also because prevention is one of the best weapons we have in fighting what is currently a losing battle against the growing epidemic of Lyme. For example, in places where vigorous public education about Lyme prevention was implemented the number of new Lyme cases dropped by as much as 70%.?

?I believe that this book will contribute to the growing literature on Lyme disease, not only as an artistic statement, but also as a medium that may open peoples? eyes and hearts to the inner world of those who are experiencing a life-changing illness. My hope is that as more people come to understand the impact of Lyme on all of our lives, the tide will turn in the direction of more enlightened education, treatment, and prevention.
I just want to thank Emily for sharing her extraordinary book with me.?

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
New York Medical College

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