Tri Klinghardtin luento 10 -13.2.2011

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Tri Klinghardtin luento 10 -13.2.2011

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Tri Klinghardt luennoi Borrelioosista New Yorkissa 10-13.2.2011. Aiheena: "Kroonisen Borrelioosin ja muiden kroonisten infektioiden hoito ilman antibiootteja".

As your work is dedicated to lyme disease ,we would like to invite you and the NY Metro Area/East Coast patients and practitioners to come to a talk given by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in NYC.

Detailed information about the upcoming NYC seminar on Autonomic Response Testing and the special evening talk ,?Healing Long Term Lyme Disease and other Chronic Infections without Antibiotics? is located on our website: Dr. Klinghardt is known for his complementary work with chronic illness world wide and teaches practitioners how to individualize protocols for Lyme disease, MS, Autism, Cancer and other chronic conditions related to toxicity and pathogens.

We hope you and local LLMD's and interested individuals will attend this unique evening.

Dr. Klinghardt is rarely on the East Coast, but will be teaching in NYC on Feb 10-13, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Midtown. We hope you will pass this information to your colleagues so the NY area practitioners have an opportunity to come see and experience this world wide shift toward individualized health care. Our goal at the Academy is to equip medical practitioners with the tools necessary to become true medical healers and learn how to combat the growing epidemic of chronic illness. We also want to empower patients with knowledge and optional healing protocols that are affordable. We understand that there is no cookie cutter apporach to lyme disease, so all we can learn to add to our arsenal of protocols can only be beneficial to all.

Please call me with any questions.
warm regards,

Debbie Floyd
Director, Klinghardt Academy

Debbie Floyd
Klinghardt Academy, USA
2 Orchard Way
Warren, NJ 07059

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