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Mercolan sivulla on tri Klinghardtin videoesitys autismista. Artikkelin lopussa mainitaan autismia esiintyvän usein esim. borrelioosia sairastavilla lapsilla: ... utism.aspx

One of the challenges of seeking alternative strategies for autism, or any disease for that matter, is there is quite a bit of material to sort through. In the coming months I will be bringing you the results of this collaboration, but for now I?d like to share a bit of what Dr. Klinghardt has discovered about the potential causes of autism.

? Causal Factor #1: Autoimmune Disease

Parents of autistic children, particularly mothers, tend to have a greater rate of autoimmune diseases. Things like food allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other, more subtle, symptoms. According to Dr. Klinghardt, this may be a precondition that should be looked into.

? Causal Factor #2: Gene Mutations

Children with autism tend to have more gene expressions that are inefficient for detoxification. These so-called ?mutations? tend to be unpredictable, and every autistic child?s set is slightly different along with their own unique expression of Autism.

? Causal Factor #3: Chronic Infections ( & Lyme Disease)

Chronic infections like Lyme disease are extremely common in autistic children, and may even be causing the gene mutations. Dr. Klinghardt has found that four out of five autistic children that come to his office test positive for Lyme disease. Typically, the child gets the disease not from a tick bite but from their mother, who may be a silent carrier of the illness.

Ironically, the major symptom of Lyme disease in a child is not autism, but rather hyperactivity, learning disorders, depression, early puberty, and slight delays in motor development, according to Dr. Klinghardt. And the symptoms can actually stay silent or nearly silent for up to 20 years!

Looking at it this way, it?s easy to see why understanding the origins of autism are so important for helping our society as a whole.

How Chronic Infections Cause Autism

Any type of chronic infection, whether caused by Lyme disease or any other microbe, such as mold, can spread through your system and make you chronically ill. One of the major problems is that the biotoxins produced by the infection compete for the same detoxification pathways as do other toxins, like mercury, pesticides, vaccines and so on.

Children with autism not only have overwhelmed detoxification pathways and often heavy metal toxicity, but, according to Dr. Kllinghardt, they also have a silent, daily toxin production in their body caused by toxic microbes.

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