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Allaolevalla videolla on pätkä protestista jonka borrelioosia sairastavat järjestivät kongressiedustaja Frank Pallonen toimiston edessä. Pallone on jarruttanut borrelioosia koskevan kanteen etenemistä kongressissa.

This is a video of Patricia Smith, the President of the Lyme Disease Association, during the protest at Congressman Frank Pallone's office in New Jersey earlier this month. If she can push this hard for us... we can do our part!

PLEASE- Keep calling and faxing Pallone! Even if you've already called, please call again! Get everyone you know.... and even those you don't know.... to make calls to tell Frank Pallone to get this bill up for a hearing! It takes less than 2 minutes of your time.

Here is the video-

Call Congressman Frank Pallone's office in Washington, DC 202-225-4671

He is the Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee. He has the power to schedule the Lyme bill for a hearing. MAKE him do it before more suffer! Tell him you want the Lyme bill (HR 741) brought up for a hearing now!

That is all we ask of you.

And please know- we will continue to fight for you and your families. We WON'T go away!

For more information:

Lyme Disease Association

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