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Borrelioositapausten määrä on jatkuvassa nousussa eri puolilla maailmaa.
Punkkien välittämien sairauksien kuten borrelioosin tartuntariski alkaa olla suuri tähän vuodenaikaan. Amerikassa asian puolesta on alettu kampanjoida. Ihmisiä kehotetaan esim. tutkimaan lemmikkinsä huolellisesti ennen kuin ne päästetään ulkoilun jälkeen takaisin sisälle. Esim. lemmikkien mukana tulleiden punkkien ja kirppujen poisto on tärkeää.


New Campaign Warns About Dangers Of Lyme Disease

Tim Williams

BALTIMORE (WJZ) ― It's the beginning of the lyme and tick season, so experts are launching a campaign against the potential dangers. Tim Williams has more on what you should look out for and how Maryland wants you to get ticked off.

When Charlotte Bland of Reservoir Hill brings her two dogs, Buster and Baby, to Druid Hill Park, she is constantly aware of the dangers of ticks.
"You should check your dog every time before you take them in the house. Have a little towel and a little brush and just check them, because once a tick gets in your house or fleas especially, they'll jump all over," she said.

They're only as big as the head of a pin, but deer or black-legged ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, a potentially serious disease that can cause long-term disability.

"Lyme Disease is on the rise in Maryland. Last year, we had over 2,500 cases reported to the state health department, so this is a growing concern," said Katherine Feldman.

Governor Martin O'Malley has declared May Lyme Disease Awareness Month and wants you to enjoy the outdoors while taking necessary precautions against disease.

"When a tick bites you, what it's doing is ingesting and eating blood. That's when it starts to get bigger, so you can tell how long a tick has been on you by how swollen it is," Feldman said.

Experts say this time of year is especially problematic for anyone spending time in the grass because ticks and fleas are at their smallest. They say if you're going to be outside, they suggest you follow these rules.

First, use a repellant, preferably one containing the ingredient deet. Next, wear long sleeves. Always check yourself thoroughly after being outside. Remove ticks promptly with tweezers and call a physician within one month if you become ill or develop a rash.

"Most cases of Lyme Disease can be cured if treated with antibiotics and especially if treated early," Feldman said.

It's something Charlotte, Baby and Buster are already guarding against.

"You have to really, really be careful now and I try to be. It's like having a child. It's good maintenance," she said.

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