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Michael Warburg (Apple Pickers yhdistys) lahjoitti 100 000$ borrelioosin leviämistä koskevien ohjelmien toteuttamiseen. Useat Warburgin perheen jäsenet sairastavat borrelioosia.

http://www.projo.com/education/content/ ... 762da.html

Tick disease is the target of donation

Friday, November 2, 2007

University of Rhode Island professor Thomas Mather, left, with Apple Pickers Foundation trustee Michael Warbug.

SOUTH KINGSTOWN ? A private foundation has donated $100,000 to the University of Rhode Island?s Center for Vector-Borne disease, university officials announced yesterday. The money will support the center?s public health education program for preventing tick bites and Lyme disease, according to a university statement.

Michael Warburg of Westerly, a URI graduate and a foundation trustee, presented the donation to the university on behalf of the Apple Pickers Foundation, a foundation created by Warburg?s family in 2006 and registered in Hamden, Conn.

The foundation seeks to award ?smaller, targeted grants to entities that [aren?t] much on the public eye,? Warburg said.

Warburg said that several of his family members have been affected by Lyme disease.

?The only sure way to avoid Lyme disease is to prevent tick bites ? a message that needs to be clearly conveyed to those at risk,? Warburg told the university.

URI plans to expand the center?s tick education Web site, www.tickencounter.org, adding animations to illustrate appropriate bite-prevention strategies and a tool to calculate a person?s risk of being bitten.

Some of the funds will be also used to help complete a documentary on ticks and Lyme disease that will be posted on YouTube, a Google-owned video-sharing service, and used in outreach programs.

The foundation is named for a Russian painting the family auctioned to fund it.

Warburg said that trustees are finalizing smaller grant projects, including one to benefit a New England school with a special-needs program.

?We have a slight bent toward education,? Warburg said.

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