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One day a couple years ago I was birdwatching, along with with friends and family, in Brigantine, NJ. It was a very nice trip, except I got some ticks on me. I had heard of lyme disease, but read that, "if you caught it right away, it was no big deal". I was very healthy and wasn't all that worried. WELL, one of the bites where a tick had been attached developed a red ring around it. So I went to a medical center, and was put on the antibiotic, doxycycline 100mg twice a day for six weeks.. So I went on my merry way, thinking that I was lucky to "nip it in the bud". WELL...,a month and a half later I got very sick. High fever, nausea, body aches, out of it. Flu in late July? could be, I guess, but had never happened to me before! Back to the doctor's ... more doxycycline, same dose. Big pain in the neck. Literally, too, along with pain also in shoulders spreading to hips, as well. Soon I was a complete basketcase. Doxycycline helped just a little, then I got worse for the third week, then considerably better the 4th and last week on that antibiotic. WELL, still not the end. I started getting worse again. I started doing more research on Lyme disease. I knew it could be really nasty once it gets "in there'' since other friends and family had had alot of trouble getting over it. But they hadn't been treated right away. But after some investigation I found out that relapse was common, and that the ...'normal' treatment for lyme was often insufficient. I hate taking drugs, but if I had known the reality of the situation earlier, I would have gladly have put up with it. If I had had a longer stronger dose at first, as well as found out about some other infectioons I got from those ticks and treated them, I probably COULD HAVE AVOIDED more than 2 years of misery and thousands of dollars in drugs and medical fees. I found out that I needed to find a lyme specialist- a "lyme-literate" doctor. Easier said than done, since doctors are apparently (something else I inadvertently discovered...) not allowed to give treatment that is effective, unless it is also dirt cheap ('insurance' companies seem to run the show)(or perhaps if it the ONLY way anybody EVER gets over the diseases ...'covered'). I finally did find a doc who knew about thes tickborne illnesses. I learned I had Lyme disease, "Ehrlichiosis". and "babesiosis", and started a program of long-term antibiotics at super-high doses of several antibiotics at once, along with some nutritional supplements, and several herbal meds and supplements, as well as anti-malarials, both standard and chinese (for babesiosis, since I'm at high risk having that, and not having a spleen. I went through lots of ups and downs, but steadily got better. My doc had me go through several changes of antibiotic combinations. Doxycycline 400mg/day + ceftin 500md/day; then after several months switched to 'biaxin' (clarithromycin is the "generic" name),1g/day +amoxicillin, 6g/day; then to biaxin + doxycycline, and finally, now, to doxycycline + tinidazole, a special antibiotic that kills the "cystic forms" of the lyme spirochetes. I took this stuff for over two years, and it seems to have DONE THE TRICK!! I'm still building back physical stamina but I'm virtually symptom-free!

- here was my "SEPT. '02 UPDATE: !!!"" I'm OFF ANTIBIOTICS and getting better and better. Long live the "LLMDS". As anyone who's READ (or maybe even just ,um, youknow,... ...'read') my webpage probabably suspects, I've never been much of a lawsuit advocator... HOWEVER, now I have to think again. Perhaps the courts are what will save and bring back to us America! One area which needs a serious fix is the 'standard treatment' for lyme disease. I hope someone out there with lyme that could have been easily cured if it weren't for certain corporation- linked physicians manages to SUE the SPUDS off them- I mean those RESPONSIBLE, not just some poor doc caught in the middle! I would certainly be willing to tell my story to some court if an end to the horrible treatment for lyme disease in ...'america', as well as bring forth justice for at least some victims, might be a result of doing so! But of course the courts have a recent abomonible failure to show in the last ...'american'... presidential ...'election'.. (yeah, RIGHT!)..., so it's NOT like I have ANY high hopes or anything... ... ... Almost every one of the people I am close to who had Lyme disease did not get better with the 'standard' treatment, and were able to get better when they finally received a strong enough treatment. They underwent much unneeded suffering. Meanwhile, antibiotics are being used to fatten cattle, so I hear... Go figure!

Feel free to email your story, observations, or questions abou Lyme disease.!
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