Nuorten Borrelioositarinoita kaivataan!

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Nuorten Borrelioositarinoita kaivataan!

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15-vuotias Alysha sairastaa Borrelioosia. Hän aikoo kirjoittaa kirjan nuorten Borrelioosista.Ensimmäisessä kirjassa kerrotaan Borrelioosista ja toisessa siitä miten sairastuminen vaikuttaa nuorten elämään. Alyshalle voi kirjoittaa sähköpostiosoitteeseen

My names Alysha I was diagnosed with Lyme in June of 2010, I am only 15 years old. I love to read and write, so my mom gave me this idea to write a book on Lyme. So I decided to take it one step further, how about it is Lyme from a teenagers point of view. The book would be split into 2 parts, the first its going to be all about Lyme and the second part are about the different teenagers that have been affected by Lyme. If there are any of you out there who have stories about teenagers with Lyme, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send it to me because this book shows Lyme not from an adults point of view but of a teenagers, and our struggle with Lyme. Being diagnosed with Lyme as a teenager is a very hard thing to go through. You miss out on so much of your teenage years before you have to go out into the real world. Unable to go out with friends because your stuck in bed, not being able to go to school dances or functions, missing school for days on end, and unable to be a teenager and start discovering who you are. I hope that with this book that I can educate people that its not just adults who get Lyme but teenagers as well, and we go through it differently than adults do. So please if you don't mind your story being published and shared if it is published(there is a chance it might not though), please send me your story at Thank you.
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